In supply chain operations, carefully choosing your businesses partners in China is vital: the right partner can help your operations run smoothly and drive market growth, while the wrong partner will have a detrimental impact on your Chinese business and trade activities.


Partner Identification & Supplier Sourcing utilises CBBC’s extensive network of business partners, suppliers, and other contacts to help you find potential Chinese partners that are most suitable for your needs.

Whether you need to source supplies of a particular product or find a partner to manage your China operations, supply chain or factory-based manufacturing, or you want to distribute goods into key sales channels, CBBC provides you with an efficient and cost-effective solution and process that removes language and cultural barriers to doing business; minimising risk to your company.

We are also able to provide additional value-added support for after-sales concerns including quality, payment, and delivery issues.


In order to find suitable partners and suppliers, CBBC will, on your behalf:

  • Conduct market research and analysis.

  • Identify a pre-agreed number of potential partners or suppliers which match your requirements.

  • Run company checks and due diligence on potential targets to evaluate their suitability and interest in cooperation.

  • Provide a report detailing our findings, including feedback from each of the contacted potential suppliers.

  • Arrange a programme of meetings for you to attend in person or virtually based on our recommendations.

  • Attend meetings on your behalf and support you to make qualified decisions.


Supplier Sourcing - Site Visits

If required, a site visit to one of the identified potential suppliers is included in the package if the supplier is within one hour’s travel from any CBBC office in China (travel cost to be borne by the client). More complex and bespoke services are available upon request from CBBC.


For more information about our Partner Identification and Supplier Sourcing services, please contact us.