Safeguarding a company’s intellectual property should be at the forefront of priorities when doing business in the Chinese market. Since 2014, CBBC’s dedicated IP team has been proving intellectual property protection and enforcement services to British businesses both entering and growing in the China market. Whatever stage your business is at at with your journey into China, we can provide bespoke support to our members and clients through our IPR helpdesk which offers extensive guidance on:

  • Understanding IP filing in China
  • Mitigation against bad faith trademarking practices
  • Navigation of IP ligation and enforcement policies in China
  • Defence and prevention against IP infringement on major Chinese e-commerce or social media platforms including Alibaba,, Pinduoduo, DHGate, WeChat, Suning, Weidian, Douyin / TikTok, Baidu and Xiao Hong Shu (RED)
  • Drafting IP licensing agreements
  • Settling domain name disputes

We also offer customized legal and consultancy service referral support, based on CBBC’s extensive IP service provider list.

Our unique position enables us to work closely on your behalf with Chinese partners, offering you access to in-depth IP consulting service, expert guidance with navigation of online protection and offline enforcement; and cross-border protection. We also conduct research into IP policy and our work strives to reinforce commercial engagement and cooperation between the UK and China.  

CBBC IP Support Suite provides the following five services:

IP Helpdesk

The IP Helpdesk aids with general enquiries and addresses China specific IP needs, such as:

  • IP filing in China
  • IP licensing in China
  • IP infringement on Chinese e-commerce or social media platforms
  • IP enforcement in China regarding domain name disputes, bad-faith trade marks, offline investigations
  • IP litigation in China
  • Customised legal and consultancy service referral support
Knowledge Sharing

From basic knowledge and practical guidance, to the most up-to-date developments and trends, the events tailored by the CBBC’s IP Resource library will grant you a competitive edge through its rich interactive programmes, trainings, and seminars.

Advocacy and Engagement

CBBC advocates for and encourages the adoption of policies and regulatory frameworks that enable a clearer, more efficient, and accessible IP legal system. CBBC also facilitates bilateral IP engagement involvement and support between the UK and China governments on IP initiatives.

Communication and Profiling

Amplify your visual presence via CBBC’s communication channels:

  • Highlight your stories, accomplishments, and leadership through exclusive access to CBBC’s newsletters, social media, publications, and IP quarterly update;
  • Feature your organization through co-hosting and supporting partner opportunities at CBBC events which include possibilities like speaking at events, event promotion, and sponsorship.
IPR Protection Accelerator

The IPR Protection Accelerator facilitates Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection for businesses by providing IPR protection measures for fast track e-commerce and social media platforms, and direct access to IPR programmes led by authorities and industrial associations, examples include:

  • IP projects focusing on online protection in cooperation with leading Chinese social media, e-commerce and other digital platforms, such as Alibaba, Tencent Weixin,, Pinduoduo, DHgate, and Suning;
  • Cooperation with authorities and industrial associations, like the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), local customs  and Public Security Bureaus (PSB), and the logistics industry on offline enforcement.

Below is a more detailed introduction of our IPR Protection Accelerator.

The IPR Protection Accelerator supports CBBC members in online protection and offline enforcement of their IPR. CBBC’s long standing partnership and successful IP programmes with major Chinese stakeholders, such as Alibaba, Tencent Weixin,, Pinduoduo, DHgate, Suning, and Xiaohongshu, serve as a testament to our excellence. The following is a list of popular initiatives we have provided in collaboration with these partners:

  • IPR Protection Platform / IPR Protection System / Brand Protection Platform 
  • Infringement Complaint E-System / Email Complaint
  • Proactive Monitoring (Brand Care)
  • Test Purchase
  • Brand Training
  • Design Patent 
  • Anti-fake Evidence in Counter Notice
  • Offline Investigation
  • SME Brand Protection 
  • Information Disclosure


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