Taking steps to enter the China market is a key strategic decision for businesses of all sizes. From the outset, it is critical to have an in-depth understanding of China’s increasingly sophisticated consumers and market segments; its diverse cities, regions and economic zones; and business environment factors that present unique challenges both at the beginning of the journey and in-market for foreign invested enterprises.

In order to succeed, companies must take the time to their build knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market prior to investment. Our tailored market research and analysis-based services will help you gain vital market insights for your brand, sector, product or service in China - essential for making any important business decisions and providing you with the platform from which to position your business for optimal results within the Chinese market.

CBBC’s expansive coverage across China, including representation in many regional cities and provinces, allows your company to access our on-the-ground team to tap into their market intelligence and knowledge. Our sector teams understand the nuances of their specific industry focus and can provide you with deep dive insights and advice into market segments, Chinese consumer culture, marketing trends and data, and consumer demographics to drive your China strategy.

Our international team can provide the following range of market research, analysis and intelligence-based services which can guide you towards:

  • Identifying local contacts and potential partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers.
  • Meeting targets.
  • Identification and analysis of market initiatives & opportunities.
  • Development of in-market activities.
  • Product launches.
  • Establishment of a Chinese market presence or further testing of the market through setting up a Launchpad or initiating a retainer-based Navigator project.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to scope and build a bespoke journey for you. For more information, please contact us.

CBBC's Influencer Focus Group

CBBC's Influencer Focus Group service is a unique offering UK consumer brands to connect with top-notch London-based Chinese influencers and student ambassadors, providing valuable opportunities to gain first-hand insights into the brand perception amongst potential Chinese consumers. It is a must-have for UK consumer brands looking to tap into the potential of the Chinese market and drive sales growth.

It maximises your market impact by bridging the cultural gap and leveraging the power of local insights. Unlike in the UK where social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram reign supreme, the Chinese market operates differently, with its own preferred channels for product research, communication, and reviews. Our focus group discussions delve deeper into the mindset and narratives of Chinese consumers, providing key insights into their purchasing motives.

The 45-minute focus group sessions are designed to deliver impactful results, offering a platform for brands to cover a wide range of topics, from new product launches to packaging, consumer trends, purchasing behaviour, and market entry strategies.

With CBBC’s Influencer Focus Group service, you can confidently make strategic decisions to approach, innovate, and succeed in the Chinese market.

Why join a focus group?

  1. Get first-hand insights into your target audience: By bringing influencers into a focus group, you'll have an opportunity to hear directly from the people who are most likely to interact with your brand and buy your products. This can provide valuable insights into their preferences, opinions, and behaviours that can help you better understand and engage with your target audience.

  2. Validate product concepts and marketing strategies: Influencer focus groups can also be used to validate your product concepts and marketing strategies. You can gather feedback from influencers on what they like or dislike about your products, what they think is missing, and what could be improved. This can help you refine your offerings and ensure that your marketing messages are resonating with the right people.

  3. Generate new ideas and perspectives: Working with influencers in a focus group can generate new ideas and perspectives that you may not have considered before. Influencers often have unique perspectives and experiences that can bring a fresh perspective to your brand, helping you view things in new and innovative ways. Additionally, you can also uncover new trends and opportunities that you can capitalize on.

  4. Build relationships with key influencers: Meeting with influencers in a focus group setting can also help you build relationships with key influencers in your industry. This can help you establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader and gain credibility amongst the people who can help promote your brand to a wider audience.