Through Launchpad, CBBC enables UK businesses to enter or expand into the Chinese market in a low risk and cost-effective manner – allowing your business to get boots on the ground.

We do this through identifying and selecting a Launchpad Manager dedicated to helping you take your business forward in China, without any compliance or legal headaches. We have been in existence for over 65 years and our reputation and network in China provides a platform for you to make to swift progress with minimal risk.

Launchpad is CBBC’s flagship market entry service and has enabled businesses of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors to succeed in China: from household consumer brands, prestigious academic institutions to innovative SMEs, trade and investment bodies, and local authorities.

Over 200 organisations have successfully used Launchpad to date, with a significant majority deciding to set up their own legal entity in China or to keep using Launchpad for the long-term.

Launchpad Offers You:

  • Immediate access to the Chinese market through a dedicated Launchpad Manager located at one of CBBC’s 9 China offices.

  • Hands on support with sourcing the talent you need to succeed in-market.

  • Professional business consultancy and insights from a sector and regional perspective to accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Guidance on next steps for your business post-Launchpad.

  • Full management of all admin, HR and finance processes.


Why Choose Launchpad? 

  • Join a Well Established & Proven Platform

Over 200 organisations have successfully used Launchpad to enter and expand into the Chinese market with a significant majority deciding to set up their own legal entity in China or to keep using Launchpad for the long term.

  • Make A Cost-Effective Decision

The cost of Launchpad for initial market entry compares favourably to setting up and running a representative office or a full-service company, but without the associated risk. Launchpad also allows you to test the market economically to justify the incorporation and investment of a full-service company.

  • Outsource Recruitment & Selection

We will either provide a suitable Member of the current CBBC team, or where necessary identify a locally engaged Member of staff with the right skills, to work exclusively for your business needs and build the new networks necessary for future success. The advertising, shortlisting, and scheduling of interviews is all coordinated by CBBC.

  • Flexibility, Low Risk & High Control

Launchpad provides cost certainty for market development and testing. It provides a low risk means of entering the Chinese market or withdrawing if plans change.

  • Graduation, Easy Exit & Assistance Setting-Up an Office

If you want to go on to set up your own representative office, CBBC can assist with all aspects of post- Launchpad development: from getting your first employee into your new entity, structuring and signposting, to professional advice and support. Likewise, Launchpad is straightforward to exit should your China strategy change.

  • Administrative Support & Peace of Mind

Through having a dedicated CBBC resource, our administrative team takes care of payroll and expenses management, as well as providing a call-minding service.

  • Access To 9 Office Locations Across China

Depending on your market entry and expansion strategy, CBBC has 9 offices across China providing unparalleled market access and advantages. All of our offices can accommodate a Launchpad Manager on behalf of your business and are closely integrated with local government officials and businesses.

Launchpad is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.

  • Immediate Access

Once your Launchpad Manager has been identified, you will have immediate access to a whole wealth of new business possibilities and networks in the Chinese consumer economy.

  • Grow Your Networks Fast

Access CBBC events and resources throughout China and the UK to build your knowledge, grow networks and obtain insights and advice that will make a tangible difference to your business.

  • Knowledge Accumulation

Launchpad can help a firm navigate a steep learning curve and accumulate the market knowledge necessary for building sales and establishing an independent operation in China.

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*Launchpad is available to CBBC Members only. For more information about CBBC Membership is available here.

Hot Desk 

Hot Desk is an instant, flexible, cost-effective and low risk means of using CBBC’s extensive China office network to explore business opportunities in new locations.

This service is ideal for new-to-market companies wishing to assess opportunities, or for companies already located in China wishing to develop new business contacts and liaise with potential customers.


Hot Desk enables you to: 

  • Access temporary accommodation upon demand within a CBBC office: utilising desk space subject to availability and our office IT systems.

  • Book meeting rooms and deploy a message taking service.

  • Tap into CBBC’s network of key decision makers and influencers.

This service is exclusive to CBBC Corporate Members and above.


For more information and guidance on the most efficient and effective platforms to enter the China market please contact us.