Drive your company’s digital business strategy in China through CBBC’s bespoke Digital Audit and e-Commerce data services. Targeting primarily UK consumer-facing brands - but with relevance to other sectors such as industrial products and education brands - and providing insights and analysis into their digital footprint in the Chinese market, CBBC’s digital portfolio will enable your business to:

  • Monitor conversations about your brand on Chinese social media platforms.

  • Audit e-commerce channels and websites for grey market activity.

  • Provide insights & analysis on the performance of your partners and distribution outlets.

  • Assess and identify vertical platforms and applications relevant to your sector, business, and products.

  • Review and make recommendations on your company’s website to optimise it for Chinese audiences.

  • Understand your product’s positioning towards Chinese consumers.

  • Run search engine optimisation for Baidu searches on key search terms and items.


Digital Audit

Our Consumer, Retail and E-commerce specialists will provide you with an in-depth report that examines relevant perceptions amongst Chinese consumers of your brand on social and e-commerce channels, search engines, and other online sources: complete with links, translation and analysis of the information. We can identify performance trends for example, looking at the impact of a recent market visit or trade show, or explain a spike in sales to China that is proving hard to understand.

There are so many possible scenarios to interpret, and this report gives businesses a complete picture of the information about their brand that is available to Chinese consumers. As a final output, we will provide a set of recommendations for implementation into your company’s digital sales strategy.

E-commerce Data Services

Ever wondered exactly what your own brand sales are on Tmall, JD, or Kaola and Suning, but your distributor is not providing data breakdowns? Would you like to know your competitors’ online sales performance, and which SKUs are selling fastest?

Our e-commerce data services give UK consumer-facing brands, research agencies, distributors, or other third parties an opportunity to understand the real sales figures of their brand, or competitor brands, through leading Chinese e-commerce platforms.

Some examples of data reports CBBC can generate to guide your business are as follows:

  • 12-month data from individual stores broken down by volume and value of sales per month.

  • Rolling quarterly updates from individual stores to monitor competitor sales and allow easy benchmarking.

  • Category reports, showing top selling international and Chinese brands, SKUs in a particular market segment or category over the past twelve months.

  • Sales for your own storefront, broken down by SKU, to give you a true picture of what was sold and when.
  • The service covers all major Chinese e-commerce platforms, including Tmall and Tmall Global, JD and JD Worldwide, Kaola and Suning

Virtual New to China Product Assessment 

Are you preparing to launch your new consumer products into the Chinese market?

CBBC's Consumer team offers a virtual new-to-China product assessment service for you to present your products directly to professional procurement experts in China. You will gain first-hand immediate feedback and guidance that will help with your China sales strategies.

To learn more about our digital services for businesses or to make an enquiry, please contact us.

Don’t just take our word for it, see how some of CBBC’s clients have benefited from our digital services.

Before we commissioned the CBBC Digital Audit, we knew little about what Chinese consumers were saying about us. The report gave us some really useful insight into our existing brand presence and some concrete next steps to help us capitalise on our existing exposure and continue to grow in market” 

Antony Wilson, International Sales Director, Darlington Crystal 

Taking part in this audit has proved to be an interesting and invaluable piece of work for us and has given us a starting point from which to move forward in the digital world in China, with suggestions and recommendations from CBBC as to how to do that. I’d definitely recommend other businesses who are looking to grow in China to consider doing this digital audit especially when so many transactions in the country are done online. I’ll certainly look to repeat the exercise in a year’s time to understand what progress we have made” 

Sarah Henderson, International Sales and Marketing Manager, Taylors of Harrogate 

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