Health & Wealth
CBBC China Consumer Masterclass: Health & Wealth

Chinese society has a unique system of beliefs about health and nutrition which have been influencing purchasing decisions for decades. Yet the Coronavirus health crisis has accelerated a shift from collective notions of health and wellness towards more individualistic pursuits of balanced lifestyle with a strong emphasis on eating and drinking for health, beauty and immunity.

This event took place on 17th March 2022 - see the event description here.

Retail & Ecommerce
CBBC China Consumer Masterclass: Retail & E-commerce

This session delves into a full picture of all of the necessary marketing perspectives that a brand requires when working with the Chinese market and its consumers. It helps audiences to better navigate the latest trends from blended content marketing to the crackdown of the 'fan economy'.

This event took place on 24th March 2022 - see the event description here