9:00am-10:15am BST / 4:00pm-5:15pm CST

Meet the China Influencers

With the unparalleled power of Chinese social media and e-commerce influencers over their followers, there is little doubt that Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) marketing should be a key consideration for any international brands setting their China marketing budget. 

During the relatively short Covid lockdown in 2020 millions of Chinese consumers turned to live-streams for both e-commerce and entertainment. China had 562 million livestreaming users back in June and one the most dynamic influencer markets in the world. 

However, the rapid changing digital landscape is also challenging for International brands to navigate.  

The “Meet the China Influencers“ digital session will help UK brands unlock the KOL mystery phenomenon. We will invite 2-3 KOLs to share their experience and insights of working with international brands from the Influencer perspective. The session will give a valuable opportunity for participating brands to ask questions to the KOLs directly.  




























This session is relevant to new to China brands of all sizes and is free to all 

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10:30am-11:15am BST / 5:30pm-6:15pm CST

Digital Tools Interactive Session B

Interactive sessions are open to everyone. These sessions will guide participants on how to get the most out of China’s mobile centric ecommerce and social commerce platforms.

• What brands can do on WeChat and WeChat Mini Programme
• How to use WeChat


UK-China Consumer Week Speakers Day 5


This session is relevant to new to China brands of all sizes and is free to all

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12:00pm-12:40pm BST / 7:00pm-7:40pm CST

In Dialogue with John Edwards, HMTC

In this exclusive and highly anticipated session, John Edwards, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for China (HMTC) will draw upon his extensive experience and expertise to provide an overview of recent UK-China trade relations, and share observations on consumerism in China, as well as opportunities and challenges for UK brands. 

This session will be hosted by Kiran Patel, CBBC’s Senior Commercial Director, China

A dialogue with John Edwards, HMTC


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1:00pm-3:00pm BST / 8:00pm-10:00pm CST

UK Superbrand Day

Livestreaming e-commerce, the hottest trend in China’s consumer sector is now a must have consideration for UK brands selling online in this dynamic market. According to Forbes magazine, in 2019 approximately 37% of the online shoppers in China – an incredible 265 million - made livestream purchases. Alibaba’s livestreaming platform, Taobao Live, hosted China’s annual Singles-Day Global Shopping Festival in November 2020, generating £4.3 billion in sales from livestreams alone – twice the amount of the previous year.

After receiving lots of positive feedback from participating brands we are very excited to announce a third UK Superbrand Day of live-streaming sessions.

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