We will organise the Tour into four themed periods of three months, with three themed events taking place each month, namely, ‘Health & Wellness’, ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Reunions & Gatherings’ and ‘Joy & Festivities’. 

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We are very pleased to announce that Whittard of Chelsea will be joining us on CBBC’s first Brand of Britain Tour in China. Read here to find out about the Tour. 

Whittard of Chelsea is a British luxury tea, coffee, and hot chocolate brand established in 1886. Almost six years ago, the company launched its first ‘digital store’ on Alibaba’s Tmall Global which has aided strong brand growth in the Chinese market. We met with their team and invited them to share their China story in preparation of the Tour in the first quarter of next year.

Why Whittard for China? 

As part of the brand expansion, Whittard identified Greater China as a key strategic market. With a large tea loving population, Chinese consumers are big fans of our high-quality tea as well as our indulgent hot chocolate.

What is the company’s mission? 

Our story began in 1886 when Walter Whittard began selling the finest tea, coffee, and hot chocolate in London with the approach to buy the best. Over 135 years later, our never-ending curiosity to find unique blends and distinctive tastes lives on at Whittard. We continue to flourish, and our ambition will always remain the same – to ensure every customer can enjoy their own Whittard moment, and make each day more special.

How did you overcome the market barriers (for example Covid-19 and travel restrictions)? 

Fortunately, we work with a great Trade Partner (TP) team and agency who have supported us throughout the pandemic and continue to closely monitor the market situation. We have taken measured approaches to safeguard and mitigate our financial and operational exposure. Most importantly, we have adapted our marketing strategy to allow a flexible response to the frequent changes in customer sentiment and behaviour. 

Furthermore, we have utilized WeChat and video calling to keep in touch with our local team and stayed true to the Whittard value of ‘working together’ despite not being able to go to China.

What are the main products that present an unmissable opportunity for China’s consumers, can you zoom in on the products you wish to promote and the consumer groups that you want to target?

Our Hot Chocolate and Teas. We have pushed boundaries with our unique and innovative blends making us an essential brand offering a variety of different flavours of tea and hot chocolate. 

End of Interview

We would like to thank Katherine Oon for her participation in our interview and look forward to welcoming Whittard on our Brands of Britain Tour.

Want to find out how your company can participate in the Brands of Britain Tour?

If you are interested in participating in the Brands of Britain Tour or would like more information, please email Antoaneta Becker (Director, Consumer Economy, UK) at Antoaneta.Becker@cbbc.org or Ran Guo (Director, Consumer Economy, China) at Ran.Guo@cbbc.org

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