We will organise the Tour into four themed periods of three months, with three themed events taking place each month, namely, ‘Health & Wellness’, ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Reunions & Gatherings’ and ‘Joy & Festivities’. 

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Vitabiotics is a UK Vitamins brand that was established in 1971. We met with their team and asked them to share their China story in preparation of their Tour in the first quarter of next year.

Why Vitabiotics for China? 

Vitabiotics are the UK's NO 1 Vitamins Brand - we have been trading for over 50 years and have exported to 100+ markets. We have a strong heritage and reputation in the UK Health Market for Vitamins, Supplements & Nutraceuticals, with over 350 + Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). 

We see a strong value proposition for the Chinese market and aim to be the leading European VMS brand in China. We are backed not only by science but also have a leading market research & development team that is highly adaptable and understands the local market.

We offer life care products across our diverse range and have already established Vitabiotics in key categories in China cross-border e-commerce (CBEC), from Health Care to Mother Baby & Beauty. 

What is the company’s mission? 

Our mission is to be the leading European Vitamins company in China and to provide lifecare products. Our motto is: “To be in China, for China, for the world”.

How did you overcome the market barriers (for example Covid-19 and travel restrictions)?

We have built a highly effective local team in the wonderful city of Chengdu, where we strive to meet local consumer needs and improve our understanding of the marketplace. We have embraced Chinese digital channels such as WeChat & Ding, enabling us to build our China team from 0 to 20 people in just under two years.

What are the main products that present an unmissable opportunity for China’s consumers, can you zoom in on the products you wish to promote and the consumer groups that you target?

Our core SKU range include Pregnacare, Osteocare, Visionace, Wellwoman and Perfectil. 

In general, females aged from 18 - 50 are our core target audience for the following primary lines: Preganacare, Perfectil and Wellwoman. Within these core lines we target different consumer groups/interests, that is: ‘Maternity’ for Pregnacare, ‘Inner beauty’ for Perfectil and ‘General heath’ for Wellwoman. 

Moreover, Osteocare liquid is our top focus for 2023, due to its unique edge in the market (form & cost-effectiveness) and high demand (calcium is the largest sub-category of supplement in terms of volume). We want to position Osteocare as a 'family sharing' calcium liquid and with this aim we hope to reach children, parents, and grandparents. 

Though Visionace (Lutein product) has no specific gender relevance, we have noted from our customer demographics that over 70% are females aged between 18 - 35 (mostly college students + office workers).

End of Interview

We would like to thank Benji Lamb, Director of China & South Asia and Wang Du, China Operation Manager for their participation in our interview, and look forward to welcoming Vitabiotics on our Brands of Britain Tour.

Want to find out how your company can participate in the Brands of Britain Tour?

If you are interested in participating in the Brands of Britain Tour or would like more information, please email Antoaneta Becker (Director, Consumer Economy, UK) at Antoaneta.Becker@cbbc.org or Ran Guo (Director, Consumer Economy, China) at Ran.Guo@cbbc.org

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