We will organise the Tour into four themed periods of three months, with three themed events taking place each month, namely, ‘Health & Wellness’, ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Reunions & Gatherings’ and ‘Joy & Festivities’. 

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Downland Bedding is a bedding company that was first established in Europe in 1946. After 70 years in the European market, they recently decided to launch Downland China to help Chinese consumers get better sleep.

We met with their team and asked them to share their China story in preparation of the Tour in the first quarter of next year.

Why Downland China for China? 

After 30 years of sourcing and trading with China suppliers, the third generation of Downland found that it’s time to serve the China market and the recent pent-up demand from young Chinese consumers to ‘upgrade’ their lifestyles further encouraged us that it was the right time to launch our products in China.

What is the company’s mission? 

Our mission is simple, to enhance families sleeping experience via ‘authentic’ technology. 

How did you overcome the market barriers (for example Covid-19 and travel restrictions)? 

We stayed true to our brands British DNA and international standards. We also adjusted the design, details, and the method of communication of the products to better adjust to the preferences of local consumers. 

As to the Covid and the travel restrictions, thanks to the developed E-commerce platforms in China, we managed to keep moving with flexibility.

What are the main products that present an unmissable opportunity for China’s consumers, can you zoom in on the products you wish to promote and the consumer groups that you target?

As our brand name "Downland" stand for our down (natural feather) products – we believe these present an unmissable opportunity for China's consumers. 

We want to especially push our "Clima Down" collection. This package includes a duvet and pillow set and combines the traditional comfy goose down with advanced temperature regulation technology first developed by NASA. The collection helps to further aid consumers deep sleep as it provides a bedding microenvironment that provides a more balanced temperature and humidity when sleeping. 

End of Interview

We would like to thank Matt Chen for his participation in our interview and look forward to welcoming Downland China on our Brands of Britain Tour.

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