9:00am-10:15am BST / 4:00pm-5:15pm CST

Meet the Platforms and the E-Commerce Trade Partners (TPs)

Working with a trustworthy trade partner and launching your business on the appropriate e-commerce platform is the golden ticket to a successful online journey in China for any UK brand. 

With cross border e-commerce becoming an increasingly important channel for UK companies to access the Chinese market there is a proliferation of e-commerce platforms targeting different consumer audiences and offering a variety of business models. 

Understanding operational elements such as logistics, consumer service, payment methods and marketing solutions could help UK businesses decide which is the best platform to start their China online adventure. Similarly, identifying the right trade partner (TP) to offer localised solutions for fulfillment and customer service helps UK brands and businesses minimize risk and adopt an efficient market entry approach. 

The Meet the platform and TP session is a live session where CBBC will invite some of the leading cross-border e-commerce platforms for consumer products and selected trade partners to share first-hand insights and case studies of online business launches.  

Participating UK brands then would have the opportunity to book 1-2-1 sessions with these platforms and TPs during the follow up B2B days of CBBC UK-China Consumer Week.


This session will include expert insights from our panel of Speakers:


UK-China Consumer Week Speakers Day 2


This session is relevant to new to China brands of all sizes & free to all


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10:30am-12:15pm BST / 5:30pm-7:15pm CST

Matchmaking Session 1:E-commerce Platforms & Solution Providers


Matchmaking Session 1 is a prebooked 1-2-1 session with the following platforms and TPs.

• 1:2:1 meetings (20 minutes each)

• Prebooked matchmaking sessions with large EC platforms and EC operation providers

Registration deadline: 9th April 2021


Free to all 

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10.30am-11:15pm BST / 5:30pm-6:15pm CST

Digital Tools Interactive Session A

Interactive sessions are open to everyone. These sessions will guide participants on how to get the most out of China’s mobile centric ecommerce and social commerce platforms.


• Shopping on China's E-commerce platforms

• How to access Taobao, Tmall and the Little Red Book

This session is relevant to new to China brands of all sizes



UK-China Consumer Week Speakers Day 2

Free to all


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