10.00 - 10.30 Arrivals and refreshments


10.30 - 12:00 Morning Session


Best Practice China Marketing in 2022(prelude for the afternoon session
This session highlights four key areas of best practice for China marketing
sandwiching morning and afternoon topics to reflect and keep in mind.

The changing retail environment and key macro trends 
China is currently undergoing one of the most profound periods of economic and
social change in recent history. Regulatory change, ongoing government
crackdowns, emerging consumer communities and increased local competition are
all radically shaking up the retail space. In this session, we’ll explore how brands
should interpret and adapt to this changing landscape.

The market entry strategy and common difficulties 
The road to China success is littered with those who have for one reason or another
failed in their attempts. In this session, we’ll cover some of the common pitfalls facing
any retail brand considering market entry into China, as well as the major routes to
market still on offer, weighing up their relative merits.

China’s evolving digital ecosystem 
China’s internet growth has experienced an incredible evolution, with Beijing adding
the Digital Economy to its 2021 Five Year Plan. The biggest players are constantly
shifting, transitioning and acquiring, meaning more competition and more marketing
opportunities. This session, we will provide the must-knows of China’s digital space
past, present and future, delving into the giants and newcomers shaping social
media, ecommerce, content commerce and e-tail.

How brands leverage Chinese partners and platforms
Some of the biggest barriers to market entry come down to preparation and selection
of the right partners. This session spotlights key areas of consideration such as
positioning, resource planning, identification and engagement that makes or breaks
businesses entering this new market. From digital platforms, to distribution partners
to third party agencies, we cover a spectrum of stakeholders you need on your radar.


12:00 - 13:00 Networking and light lunch


13:00 - 14:00 Afternoon Session


Consumers Redefined
Building on UK-China Consumer Week 2021, this session provides a snapshot of
current and new profiles in our consumer edit relevant to brands across F&B, fashion
and beauty, lifestyle and travel. With sector shifts, cultural trends and customer
preferences shaping consumer culture at large, we offer insight into China’s unique
sociocultural landscape giving birth to new desires and new communities.

How to ride China’s creativity wave
From new retail to digital disruption, gamification to rising creative communities,
there are plenty for brands to learn about across dynamic products, services,
innovation and power players pushing the boundaries of customer experience
forward. Key takeaways are shared on how brands can turn inspiration into marketing
ideas and initiatives.

Why China loves brand collaborations
Showcasing some of the most exciting case studies in the past 12 months, we shall
explore the formula many brands have undertaken to achieve success in market and
why it resonated with target consumers. In addition, an outline of advantages and
disadvantages shall serve as a practical tool for those interested in this avenue.

The power of Livestreaming 
Livestreaming is big business but not without its pitfalls. Megastar KOLs have
reached celebrity status, breaking sales records, negotiating with brands and even
launching their own product lines internationally. For marketeers, ROI still matters,
however the power of livestreaming goes beyond sales figures as we assess the
importance of positioning with powerful audiences and effective, not just efficient,


Meet TONG 通


TONG is a cross-cultural agency closing the gap between brands and people in and out of China. TONG 通 means to inform, open and communicate. From offices in London and Shanghai, TONG helps global companies and organisations interpret and adapt to a changing world through their Consult, Create and Connect services. 

Over the last seven years, TONG has supported well over 100 emerging and established organisations across luxury, fashion, beauty, F&B, property, travel and the arts, including the likes of Estée Lauder, The North Face, Heathrow Airport, JW Anderson, Chelsea FC and Fortnum & Mason. All of TONG’s work revolves around helping brands to incorporate the latest consumer trends in a bid to raise their cultural empathy and relevance.

One recent case in point was their work for MCQ, Alexander McQueen’s blockchain powered creative platform and clothing label. As part of MCQ’s global ‘Breathe’ campaign, TONG decided to focus on China’s emerging decelerator counter-culture, developing concepts to combat urban stressors in Asia’s densely packed cities and encourage mindfulness. 

Meet Adam Knight, Cofounder, TONG

Adam Knight

Adam heads up TONG’s Commercial and Consultancy arms focusing on insights, market entry strategies and ongoing brand advisory. As a regular on industry and academic circuits for China-Britain cross-commerce, his keynotes have spanned across the UK, US, Europe, Russia, China, and Hong Kong. Fascinated by people, cultures and digital he continues to contribute for a range of publications on the subject of internet governance in China.

Jenny Zhang, Strategy Director, TONG

Jenny Zhang

Jenny leads TONG’s Consult division helping position global companies for China. With a particular focus on luxury, new generation consumers and innovative partnerships, her experience spans across Global and China marketing having worked with brands such as Adidas, British Fashion Council and Burberry. In recent years, she has been awarded The Drum’s Global 50 Women Under 30 and The Dots IWD 100 Rising Stars Inspiring Change.

Rebecca Miller, Commercial Lead, TONG


Rebecca Miller

As Commercial Lead at TONG, Rebecca focuses on developing approaches for brands looking to enter or scale up in the Chinese market. Over the past several years, she has supported a number of companies across automotive, fashion and FMCG to forge effective strategies that connect with new audiences. Having worked at the Shanghai Television Station, British Council and a number of global and boutique agencies, she continues to seek ways to bridge the gap between China and the UK.

Continuing travel restrictions make the fast-evolving Chinese consumer market ever more difficult to keep track of, but the commercial opportunity remains real and growing. Our new China Consumer Masterclass series aims to bridge the gap – you will hear from our sector and e-commerce specialists on how the market is evolving and where the purchasing priorities are, as well as benefit from a review of up-and-coming niche opportunities.

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