8 months trade data


In value terms, UK goods exports to China were worth £17.7 billion in 2020, up 119% compared to 2010.

More recent data figures suggest Chinese consumer spending is returning to pre-pandemic levels: which should benefit UK companies in the food and drink, retail and fashion sectors. 


The Market Opportunity for UK Brands Exporting to China 


The IMF estimates that the post-pandemic Chinese economy will grow by 8.2% in 2021: It is clear that in the post-COVID-19 and post-Brexit UK economy, a strong trading relationship with China will be the key to prosperity for many UK businesses.  

Whether these UK companies be multinationals or SMEs, the Chinese market is increasingly accessible, with extensive regulatory and investment reforms by the Chinese government making doing business in China easier than ever before. UK brands can even access the Chinese market remotely and at a low cost via channels such as Cross-Border E-commerce. The China-Britain Business Council can help UK companies of all sizes to find the most appropriate entry channels to the Chinese market. 

UK brands which have an established reputation and heritage in the UK often also enjoy particular success amongst Chinese consumers: who are amongst the world’s most thorough when it comes to pre-purchase research. 


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