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Comprehensive Higher Education Strategy Service (CHESS) provides access to a range of practical quarterly workshops, insights, and reports for UK higher education institutions.

Whether you have an established China footprint with a dedicated team on the ground through CBBC’s Launchpad, advanced partnerships driving marketing, student recruitment and TNE; or you are seeking to expand your China activity, CHESS will enable you to drive forward your China strategy. 

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‘China’s Data Protection Laws and What They Mean for The UK’s Higher Education Sector’ is now available.











China’s data protection laws are relatively young and implementation of the Cybersecurity Law in 2017 was a watershed in its efforts to build a modern and robust data protection regime. It served as a foundation that paved the way for the subsequent implementation of the Personal Information Protection Law and the Data Security Law, which elaborated on many regulatory concepts introduced prior. However, despite considerable efforts to clarify areas of uncertainty, the regulations governing data security have become more complex and navigating these effectively may still pose a challenge. This report raises two key scenarios that UK higher education institutions are likely to encounter when navigating data protection and management in China and gives practical advice on regulatory compliance in these situations. The report concludes with the release of the latest guidance on cross-border data transfers and examines the upcoming domestic and international policy changes that could impact the development of China’s data regulations going forward.

Download a sample of the report here.

Please note that samples of the reports can be downloaded for free however the full reports are available to purchase on an individual basis, to CHESS subscribers and CBBC Premium Members.

Transnational Education in China Today report is available for download











A sample of the report is available to download here

Coming Up

The next report (launching in Spring 2023) will address the impact of trade defense instruments on research collaborations between UK and China and will explore the possible solutions for the higher education sector.

Delivery Schedule

The CHESS reports and workshops for our 2022/23 will be delivered prior to 31st March 2023. Sequence of topics may change subject to availability of speakers and contributors.

Comprehensive Higher Education Strategy Service (CHESS)

CHESS draws upon sector insights and perspectives from CBBC’s Education Team in both the UK and China, together with experts from professional institutions, Chinese partners and CBBC’s member organisations.   

This enhanced and comprehensive service will enable your institution to interpret significant policy changes in the sector and manage circumstances impacted by evolving social, economic, and political developments. You will have access to:

  • Four reports presented quarterly throughout the year, covering transnational education trends and higher education policies, data security, R&D, Intellectual Property (IP), as well as an annual summary report.
  • Four workshops, run on a quarterly basis, covering policy interpretation, financial frameworks, tax and legal considerations and best practice in data protection and individual information protection.
  • Explanatory presentations will be provided which will explore the topics raised by the reports, and individual clinic sessions will be available during the workshops to provide participants with advanced knowledge and understanding, as well as the opportunity to interact and network with fellow participants.

Service Fees (+VAT)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I. Content

Q1. What are the benefits of reading these reports? Who do you recommend should attend the workshops from my university?

The policy insights reports will offer analysis on the latest policy trends and developments relating to, and impacting, higher education in China. These insights and analysis from CBBC’s team of experts will help you inform your strategy when engaging with China. Depending on the topic of the workshop it may best for colleagues from across different functions to attend. Content will be relevant to colleagues working across student recruitment and international partnerships, research and knowledge exchange, and finance and legal teams.

Q2. My university is a CBBC corporate member. What is the difference between the content of these workshops when compared to the member forums that are offered to current HE members?

The content of the Education Forum and Innovation Forum is more general, and these forums are designed for colleagues to get a quick snapshot of the latest policy, legal/tax updates and to share best practices with colleagues from other CBBC member institutions.

These new policy workshops are designed to be focused on specific topics and address key issues in a targeted practical way. The workshops will consist of focused presentations and individual and confidential clinic sessions with experts on each of the topics in question.

Q3. Is this service going to be available every year or is it just for 2022? Will the product be updated on an annual basis? 

We hope that if there is sufficient demand for the service that we will be able to continue to offer it on an annual basis.

II. Purchase

Q1. There are four reports and four workshops in a package. Can my institution choose to buy only the report(s) with the topics and the sessions of the workshops with the themes that are of most interest to us?

While we are unable to offer a pick and mix model with the service, we can provide a fully comprehensive package of reports and workshops together, or either the four reports or four workshops as a separate option.

Q2. My institution is interested in the package but the budget for this fiscal year is not sufficient to make a lump-sum payment straight away. Can I pay partially now and pay the remaining part later this year? Any specific requirements? 

We can offer flexible payment options and tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. 

Q3. My institution is a current CBBC member organisation at the corporate level. The price for the package is GBP 3,600 (+VAT) and CBBC premium members can enjoy the package for free. 
What is the price for a CBBC premium membership and what are the benefits of this membership level? Are there any requirements to upgrade from a corporate level member to a premium level member?

CBBC Premium membership costs £10,500 (+VAT) per annum and offers a bespoke programme with unparalleled access, influence, and engagement with decision makers at the highest levels in the UK-China political and commercial network. Upgrading from corporate membership is simple, just speak to your CBBC relationship manager or email if you would like to consider upgrading.

Chinese Market Growth

Chinese students are one of the largest international student cohorts in the UK, with over 200,000 Chinese students currently enrolled at UK universities. In addition, the latest report from University UK International shows that China was the top host country of UK TNE with 61,495 students (12.0% of the total) in 2020-21 academic year alone. International students from China continue to make a significant contribution to the UK’s higher education sector and regional economies – and their total economic contribution is estimated to be £5.4bn when combining tuition fees and spending on living costs per academic year whilst in the UK.

Statistics show that China, following the US, has become the UK’s second largest research collaboration partner. China’s R&D spend has accounted for 2.4% of China’s GDP but its research and innovation landscape is both hugely diverse and complex.

CBBC understands the importance of China’s higher education market to the UK and CHESS will provide your institution with the necessary external expertise, resources, and guidance to help you shape, pivot, and implement a future-proofed China strategy.