The Global Business Mobility routes represent a world-leading offer for businesses. For the first time, teams of workers will be able to undertake assignments connected to a business’s expansion to the UK, thereby facilitating inward investment. Whilst the new provision for secondments is a world-first in enabling collaboration between UK and international businesses.

The new and reformed routes will make mobility across the UK border as frictionless as possible, while at the same time ensuring that international trade serves the interests of British workers and our economy.

Guidance for those considering applying under the route can be found here. 


The Global Business Mobility routes will enable an overseas business to temporarily send employees to the UK for a specific corporate purpose that could not be done by a resident worker. To be eligible for the Global Business Mobility routes, workers assigned to the UK must be:

  • An existing employee who has worked for the sending business outside the UK for a minimum length of time (normally 12 months);
  • Working in a job at the appropriate skill level;
  • Paid at the appropriate level for the job they are doing;
  • Sponsored by a business in the UK that is licensed by the Home Office.