The report:

  • States that the UK will pursue a positive trade and investment relationship with China, while ensuring our national security and values are protected. We will also cooperate with China in tackling transnational challenges such as climate change.”
  • Recognizes that China “will contribute more to global growth than any other country in the next decade with benefits to the global economy,” and says that the UK will “invest in enhanced China-facing capabilities, through which we will develop a better understanding of China and its people.”
  • Argues that the UK will “require a robust diplomatic framework for this relationship that allows us to manage disagreements, defend our values and preserve space for cooperation where our interests align.”

The Review does not set out specific proposals regarding the trade and investment relationship. It commits the Government to a “values-driven trade policy to open up markets and update international trading rules.” I am pleased that the document articulates the value of trade to the UK economy. CBBC Members keenly appreciate the benefits of the UK’s economic ties with China in terms of growth and jobs, as well as understanding that there are challenges in other aspects of the relationship which need to be addressed.
Encouraged by the impetus which this important report brings to our work, at CBBC we will continue to support you in your efforts to find and expand your markets in China.

With best wishes,

Matthew Rous, CEO, China-Britain Business Council