Li Keqiang
Premier LI Keqiang attends the Symosium on the 70th Anniversary of CCPIT

CBBC welcomes the opportunity to meet with Premier LI and the other officials present to discuss the economy and business issues at a time when many UK companies are experiencing difficulties due to covid restrictions. The meeting covered the importance of trade and finding the right balance between preventing the spread of covid and the economy. LI reaffirmed China’s commitment to supporting the economy despite recent challenges and regards foreign investment as a key part of both its past and future.

Li Keqiang
Premier LI was joined at the meeting by Vice Premier HU Chunhua, State Council Secretary-General XIAO Jie, NDRC Minister HE Lifeng, and REN Hongbin, Chairman of CCPIT.

LI welcomed the role of foreign business organisations like CBBC in supporting China's response to covid and called upon business to continue voicing our concerns. To further support this process, LI mentioned CCPIT will establish a task force to support foreign business impacted by covid which he encouraged us to engage. LI also referred to the need to increase China’s vaccination coverage which CBBC believes is an important step that needs to be taken for the economy and travel to resume normal activity.

Li Keqiang
Representatives of foreign business councils, chambers, and multi-national companies in attendance at the meeting

On the business environment, LI said China will continue to make further improvements as a world-class business environment had not yet been achieved despite moving in the right direction. This process requires the continued feedback from foreign business which he again welcomed.

LI said the world is going through profound changes due to geo-politics and the impact of covid on trade but stressed the importance of trade in maintaining peace and generating wealth and well-being. He closed by repeating China’s commitment to trade, investment, and enterprise and the importance of trade to get through both the good and the bad times.