Since 2014, CBBC's business environment team has been providing dedicated IP protection and enforcement support to UK businesses both entering and growing in the China market. In the past few years, CBBC has offered its members access to in-depth IP consulting services, expert guidance with navigation of online protection and offline enforcement, and cross-border protection. We strive to reinforce commercial engagement and cooperation between the UK and China. With the mainstreaming of social media in stakeholder engagement, CBBC has begun to explore innovative ways to support our members with brand protection. In this context, CBBC joined our strategic partner and leading e-commerce platform, as well as our premium member BP Castrol to launch this live-streaming campaign for enhanced customer engagement and education.


"This live-streaming campaign has showcased Castrol's care for its customers and supported Castrol's overall IP protection strategy from the perspective of customer engagement, while also warming up for the 618 E-commerce Festival sales campaign", said Aaron Xu Yong Lun, Chain Store & E-commerce Sales Manager of Castrol.

During the live-stream, BP Castrol's Brand and E-commerce team introduced its best-selling lubricant oil series, MAGNATEC (磁护), EDGE (极护), and GTX (嘉护), and provided practical instructions to consumers on how to spot counterfeits and ensure the authenticity of products by utilizing their newly developed AI technology. There were also fantastic lucky draw prizes to be won during the two-hour campaign to promote audience interaction. "It is a great example of how we are working with different partners to showcase our brand value and IP protection work", said Edward Lu Wu, Operations Director of Castrol.

"Customer care and engagement has been the focus of The launch of live-streaming campaign through《京东说》provides a platform to facilitate customer engagement and education in joint efforts with rights owners. This live-streaming session featuring Castrol has successfully enabled direct interaction between Castrol and consumers through knowledge sharing and Q&A, which enhanced not only brand building of rights owners but also shopping experience of customers", said Liu Rui, Platform Governance Director of



CBBC will continue to support UK businesses to promote brand protection and enhance consumer engagement through similar initiatives. New cooperation models with other Chinese e-commerce and social media platforms are under discussion. If you are interested in learning how to promote your brands and enhance consumer engagement, please feel free to contact us.


* "618" means 18th June, the anniversary of The "618 E-commerce Festival" is the largest annual sales campaign in the first half of the year in China, which was initiated by and has now become an industry-wide sales campaign.