China's E-Commerce Ecosystem:

China recorded total consumer goods retail sales of RMB 39.2 trillion (€4.98 trillion) in 2020. In the first quarter of 2021, retail sales of consumer goods increased by 33.9% over the previous year’s first quarter, in line with the Chinese economy’s speedy recovering from the pandemic. The online sales data for physical products in 2020 was RMB 9.76 trillion (€1.24 trillion), with 14.8% growth over the year.

Looking at these statistics there is no doubt that China is home to a vast, vibrant, and dynamic retail marketplace, and that cross-border E-Commerce (‘CBEC’) has become a main driver contributing to the country's flourishing retail economy.


Report Contents:

The report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of China’s e-commerce ecosystem.

It contains:

  • Introductions to key actors involved both in traditional E-Commerce and in CBEC; 
  • The latest consumer trends and emerging product categories; 
  • Analysis of the most recent developments in terms of E-Commerce policies, regulations, and market entry provisions.

The core section includes:

  • A practical checklist for European brands looking to take advantage of the E-Commerce opportunity in China; 
  • An overview of the key steps, costs, market entry channels, pricing and marketing strategies, logistics requirements, and best practices to follow and avoid; 
  • A comparison among various Chinese E-Commerce platforms, including lesser known ones such as Pinduoduo, Little Red Book, and Kaola; 
  • A list of key consumer festivals and holidays in China;
  • A case study on a livestreaming campaign organised by a business support organisation with Chinese Key Opinion Leaders.


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