In December 2021, the UK government announced changes to update the export controls regime. As well as updating the Strategic Export Licensing Criteria, the UK will be legislating to enhance the Military End-Use Control, amending the definition of “military end-use” to fully capture threats to national security, international peace and security, and human rights arising from the use of non-listed items by the military, police or security forces, or entities acting on their behalf, in an embargoed destination. In addition, China will be added to the list of destinations subject to military end-use controls.
CBBC members are invited to attend this webinar/Q&A session with key specialists from ECJU to learn more about the export licensing application process, approval criteria, updated rules regarding military end-user controls, and specific guidance for technology exporters. The session will also include the opportunity for direct Q&A with ECJU specialists.
Places at this session are limited, so please RSVP using the following registration link as soon as possible to secure a place: register here. 

To get the most from this session, could attendees please provide in advance details of your company’s involvement or interest in  the export licensing process, and any direct questions or specific issues you would like to take up with  the speakers.