UK-China Consumer Week Business Matchmaking Session

The Chinese consumer is set to be the driver of global economic change over the next decade. With a market worth £1.2 trillion last year, China’s domestic consumption will increase 20% YoY in 2021, matching current US domestic consumption at £10 trillion by 2030. With Chinese consumer spending driving global economic recovery and emerging UK trade deals and opportunities post-Brexit, seizing the China market opportunity is essential to UK brands’ 2021 strategy.

In support of brands developing their China market this year, CBBC is organising a virtual meet-the-China-buyers programme, as part of the UK-China Consumer Week in April 2021. Through participating in this virtual event, brands can identify and create relationships with potential Chinese buyers.


CBBC Retail Virtual Matchmaking

Wednesday, 21st April, 2021
  • Time: 10.00am -12:15am UK GMT
  • No. of participating brands: 12
  • Duration of each meeting: 20 min
  • Platform: Zoom
CBBC will recruit Chinese buyers that best match the categories of the participating UK retail brands. The meetings will be conducted on Zoom. CBBC will aim to recruit buyers that are fluent in English. CBBC staff can support with translation if and where needed. CBBC will also assist in follow-ups with the buyers afterwards.


Participating Platforms and Trade Partners:

Target Categories:

  • beauty and skin care

  • mother-and-baby

  • fashion and accessories

  • homeware and lifestyle

Service Scope:

  • Promotion of participating brands on CBBC WeChat and LinkedIn account & qualified buyers identification

  • Pre-matchmaking UK brands collateral collection and distribution

  • Pre-matchmaking production and distribution of Chinese buyers’ profiles at least five days prior to the matchmaking

  • Pre-matchmaking meeting agenda design and distribution five days prior to the matchmaking & pre-matchmaking Zoom rehearsal

  • Online matchmaking organisation and on-site support/translation

  • Sharing of buyers’ contact after the meetings and help with follow-ups 


  • Sign up for the programme and send marketing collateral to CBBC

  • CBBC evaluation

  • Invoice and payment

  • CBBC organises the matchmaking session 


The business programme package is priced at:

  • £800 plus VAT for four meetings (extra meetings up to eight can be arranged at £180 per meeting)

  • £1,200 plus VAT for eight meetings

  • 10% discount on all packages for CBBC members



Registration deadline: 9th April 2021

Companies wishing to participate should contact CBBC’s Retail & Ecommerce sector lead, Pearl Zhu, at  


For further information on CBBC’s retail sector services and resources for UK exporters to China please visit our sector page here.

*Please note that participating brands will go through an internal process of selection by CBBC to make sure there is demand from Chinese buyers. CBBC retains the right to decline interest if products are not in demand at present.