Opportunity to Action

China is fast evolving into a thriving consumer-led economy. This evolution is creating huge opportunities for innovative British companies operating in both consumer and B2B markets. Whether it be luxury fashion and consumer brands, E-Commerce, movie production and digital content, consumer tech, gaming and App development, design, healthcare, education, or financial services, China has a growing appetite for world-leading British expertise and commercial creativity.

CBBC’s new SME initiative: Opportunity to Action, highlights immediate steps innovative British SMEs operating across all sectors can do right now to access the growing China market.


home-(1).jpg  What to do right now


   Untitled.jpg  Watch our Spring Webinar Programme

CBBC’s Spring Webinar Programme, which kicked off on March 12th, offered comprehensive practical steps to entering the Chinese market:

                    How to Successfully Operate a Creative Agency in China? Watch a rebroadcast here

                                      -  Jim Fields, Managing Director of Studio Output, Beijing

                    E-Commerce in China Watch a rebroadcast here Watch a rebroadcast here

                                      - Mark Hedley, China Business Adviser, CBBC

                    Profit Repatriation Strategies for SMEs in China Watch a rebroadcast here

                                       - Kristina Koehler-Coluccia, Director of Koehler Group

                     Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for China Watch a rebroadcast here

                                       - Arnold Ma, Founder of Qumin

                     An Introduction to IP Protection in China Watch a rebroadcast here

                                       - Tom Carver, Director of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co & Liberty Timewell, Senior Policy Adviser on China, Intellectual Property Office




   clinics-(1).jpg  Attend a Business Clinic      contact.jpg  Contact your local office
On a one-to-one basis, an experienced China Business Adviser will discuss matters ranging from the market potential for your products or services, to how to establish a presence in the market. - Register here   Contact your local CBBC office to discuss your China strategy.  With 10 offices around UK and 13 offices across China, we have an expert close to you. - Click here




home-(2).jpg  Further resources

CBBC produces a wide range of materials to support companies in their work with China. This includes reports, practical business guides, company case studies and webinars. Get answers to your China business questions today.


   e-commerce-(1).JPG  E-Commerce in China (CBBC Guide)     reports-(2).JPG  China's Middle Income Consumers


  • China’s E-Commerce Landscape & business models
  • B2C E-Commerce Platforms
  • Setting up an E-Commerce store
  • Logistics & warehousing
  • Payment
  • Regulations, taxes & import duties
  • Intellectual Property

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  • Market trends (including regional trends)
  • Consumer spending & shopping habits
  • E-Commerce & social media
  • Travel & overseas spending
  • Leisure & entertainment
  • Car & property ownership
  • Education & healthcare

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case-studies-(1).jpg  SME Company Case Studies and Interviews

Download case studies drawn from a variety of innovative SMEs with experience doing business in China. Includes companies from the creative, retail , technology, manufacturing, education and service sectors.

Including: Studio Output, Reality Studios, Onsight, Paragon Software, Dartington Crystal, Silver Cross, Premier Music, The Kids Food Company, Somerdale International, Steribottle, Spencer & Fleetwood, Sea Band, Queen Anne Tableware and many more.

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guides.jpg  CBBC Practical Business Guides

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pastwebinars.jpg  Past Webinars

All our webinars can be rewatched at our webinar library. The sessions offer excellent advice on a wide range of practical business topics

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