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Room 1103, Cyber Times, No. 456 Wuyi Avenue, Changsha, Hunan, 410011

英中贸易协会长沙代表处, 湖南省长沙市芙蓉区五一大道456号亚大时代1103室, 邮编 410011 



Changsha City Guide[PDF]

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  • Population(2014): 7.3 million 
  • GDP (2014): 782.5 billion RMB
  • GDP growth(2014): 10.5%
  • Changsha is the provincial capital and largest economic region in of Hunan province
  • Two main rail networks intersect at Changsha (Beijing-Shenzhen and Shanghai-Kunming). With a third planned high-speed line (Xiamen-Chongqing) also linking through Changsha.
  • Together with Zhuzhou and Xiangtan as “Chang-Zhu-Tan” city cluster, piloting the “two-oriented society” scheme to save resources and promote environmentally friendly practices.
  • Hunan TV, the country’s leading broadcaster in terms of audience ratings is located in the city.
  • The total volume of trade was 77.3 billion RMB in 2014, with exports valued at 53.9 billion RMB and imports valued at 23.4 billion RMB.


Key Industries

There are Business Opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Environment protection technical, machinery and relevant reagents are sought for the market
  • International High-school is welcome by local market
  • Bio-medicine high-end technology are sought for local bio-medicine factory
  • Model service are welcome by local market


Getting There

Changsha Huanghua International Airport

  • Cathay offers a daily 15 hour flight to Changshavia Hong Kong
  • Changsha is well connected to China's high speed rail lines and offers services to all the Tier 1 cities
    • Beijing to Changsha:  6 hours
    • Shanghai to Changsha: 4.5 hours
    • Guangzhou to Changsha: 2.5 hours

Time off?

Our local managers 5 top reasons to do business in Changsha:

  • Emerging economy full of development potential and less competition from other international companies. Large numbers of opportunities but under-discovered
  • Government and companies are open minded for new ideas and new products
  • High-speed railway hub linking the coastal area and inland China
  • Four national level industrial parks and nine provincial level industrial parks, well developed clusters provide value chain support
  • Well established public facilities, business and living environment

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