Prime Content Sessions

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  • Day 1 Session: Consumption Redefined

This session delves into specific Chinese consumer tribes and profiles: offering insights into their daily lives, desires and shopping habits, analysing key trends and showcasing marketing best practices. Understanding the cultural and society values underpinning consumer purchasing decisions is key to tailoring brand messages that resonate with your target consumers.

  • Day 1 Session: Decoding the Physical Retail in China

In this session, we help you to decode the latest and ever emerging trends in the Chinese market - from retail channel innovation to consumer group buying crazes and the idol economy.   

  • Day 2 Session: E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Channels

This session is curated by CBBC with the participation of some of the leading cross-border e-commerce platforms for consumer products and selected trade partners to share first-hand insights and case studies of online business launches.

  • Day 5 Session: Meet the Chinese Influencers

This content session explores in depth Chinese influencer marketing and the world of live streaming for brands. Three Key Opinion Leaders share their experiences of working with UK brands and tips for making the most of the influencers’ power in the market.

*to receive a link to above sessions’ recordings, please get in touch with our team.

Practical Guides for Retail and Food and Drink Brands

With Samarkand Global, Temple Spa and Tateossian

With Taylors of Harrogate, ADN Imports, Penguin Guide and Ruder Finn


A Dialogue with John Edwards, HMTC for China

In this exclusive and highly anticipated session, John Edwards, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for China (HMTC) will draw upon his extensive experience and expertise to provide an overview of recent UK-China trade relations, and share observations on consumerism in China, as well as opportunities and challenges for UK brands. 

This session will be hosted by Kiran Patel, CBBC’s Senior Commercial Director, China


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