Navigating China in 2022 - 8th November 2022

Join this session to learn more about China’s business landscape in 2022. The session will assess the outlook for China’s economy, current policy trends, and the wider impact for different industry sectors. We will examine future prospects, for foreign investors in China, and broader challenges facing UK businesses when exporting to or investing into China. We will assess the impact that the UK’s changing policy towards the worlds second largest economy may have on companies operating in specific sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and financial services.  

  • The outlook for China’s economy in 2022 and 2023;
  • Political environment (What the 20th Party Congress means for business);
  • Key policies and impact on foreign investment;
  • Sector specific opportunities / challenges;
  • The broader Geopolitical context and UK-China relations.

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Working with Partners - 22nd November 2022

Partnerships are often critical to success when expanding in China. China’s size, complexity and geographical fragmentation, all require local partnerships for overseas companies to succeed. Developing an effective partnership strategy for China is notoriously challenging, requiring time, patience, and flexibility.

This session will explore the various routes-to-market UK companies can exploit when trading in China, from distributors, resellers and sales agents, to E-marketplace, manufacturing partners, and outsourced service providers. The session will examine the pros and cons of different sales channels, and provide guidance on best practice for identifying, appointing and managing different types of strategic partners.

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Essentials of China Digital Marketing - 6th December 2022

China has over one billion active mobile internet users, with users spending an average of three hours a day on their smartphones. Overseas businesses can leverage digital channels to grow brand awareness, engage customers, and transact. A unique digital ecosystem, the absence of Western channels, and challenges around firewalls, censorship, and data laws, all create significant challenges for UK brands to develop and execute their digital marketing strategies.

This session will cover the essentials of developing effective digital marketing campaigns, covering web development, SEO, social media campaigns and developing effective WeChat strategies. Whether you are a consumer brand or a B2B exporter, join the session to learn more about the art of digital marketing in the world’s largest consumer market.

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Setting up in China - 10th January 2023

Establishing a permanent presence in China is often a logical step for companies looking to expand their China operations. Setting up a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (or WFOE) can provide greater operational flexibility, such as in employing staff, billing customers, managing suppliers and other day-to-day activities.

This session will examine the different options available when setting up in China, factors to consider when setting-up, and provide practical advice on how to go about incorporation. The session will touch on key issues around strategic planning, due diligence, bank accounts, legal risks, tax and audit, profit repatriation, staff recruitment and corporate governance issues.

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