China’s biotech sector continues to experience double-digit growth and is established as second most important global market after the US. China’s leaders are firmly backing the sector, singling genetics and biotech out in the latest Five-Year Plan, alongside AI, quantum technologies and semiconductors, as strategic national priorities. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to accelerate investment, with venture capital and private equity investment pouring into the sector.

However, China also presents dilemmas for Western biotech companies. Increased geopolitical tensions with the West, international travel restrictions and a host of practical business challenges (including complex local regulations, IP protection issues, and culture/communication challenges) can dissuade many businesses from fully engaging with the opportunity China represents.

Join this session to hear from China experts on the wider market opportunity and to gain valuable advice on how to best access the market, engage with investors, and develop a China strategy.



  • 11.00  Introductions/housekeeping
  • 11.05  China Biotech Market Overview
  • 11.20  Supporting the UK Biotech Sector in China - Dr. Qionger He, Head of Pharma Sector, Department for International Trade
  • 11.30  Practical Guide on Doing Business with China - Mark Hedley, Director, China-Britain Business Council
  • 11.40  Working with Chinese Biotech Investors
  • 11.50  Q&A

Confirmed speakers:

Qionger He Head of Pharma  Department of International Trade (former)




Qionger He

Head of Pharma

Department of International Trade (former)

Qionger He, PhD, is the former Head of Pharma at Department of International Trade at the British Consulate in Shanghai. She is also an advisor for Cancer Research UK. Qionger has worked in GSK as a senior scientist neurodegeneration DPU. Qionger received her PhD in Neuroscience and pharmacology from UCL. She completed her postdoc and research fellowships at University of Chicago and Northwestern. Qionger has over 10 publications, including first author papers in Nature Communication, Molecular Psychiatry and Science report. She is also the Mandarin translator of international bestseller “End of Alzheimer’s”.


Mark Hedley Director, Knowledge Economy  China-Britain Business Council




Mark Hedley

Director, Knowledge Economy

China-Britain Business Council

Mark Hedley is CBBC’s Director for the Knowledge Economy sector, working with clients across the tech, innovation, and healthcare sectors. Prior to joining CBBC, Mark spent several years in a market entry consulting roles for Intralink Group and B2B International, specialising in helping Western multinationals and SMEs to enter and expand into East Asian markets. He has particular expertise in China market entry research, and has worked with a variety of clients in the biotech, medical device, and healthcare sectors. Mark is a fluent Mandarin speaker, holds a Masters in Chinese Business from Sheffield University and an MBA from Lancaster University.