16:30-16:40 Opening Remarks, by Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center

16:40-16:55 Interpretation of policies on digital economy empowering intelligent manufacturing, Su Qian, Deputy division chief, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

16:55-17:10 Regulation on Supporting the Establishment and Development of Foreign-Funded R&D Center, Yang Song, Deputy division chief, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Administrative Commission of Zhongguangcun Science Park

17:10-17:25 Introduction of Haidian business environment

17:25-17:40 Introduction of Fangshan business environment

17:40-18:10 Case Sharing by Kiran Patel, Senior Director, China-Britain Business Council; Case Sharing by WeWork

18:10-18:15 Signing ceremony 

18:15-18:30 Q&A, Policy interpretation