This competition connects technology companies, investors, and Chinese industrial parks to promote technological transformation and implement projects through a collaborative platform. With the theme of “Green Energy and Low-Carbon Materials”, the Second Green Innovation Cup will select energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies in China and abroad to create a new industrial cluster.  


Opportunities for participants

This is an opportunity to directly reach 230 Chinese industrial parks, cooperate with leading decarbonization companies, and connect with overseas banks and financial institutions for funding. GPIP will assist participants financially by organizing financial matchmaking events with investors and providing a guaranteed credit line of CNY 10 million to First Prize projects, CNY 5 million for Second Prize projects, and CNY 2 million for Third Prize). Participants will also join commercial policy tutorial and receive professional guidance from judges and experts.  

Awarded projects will earn a ticket to pilot projects in China’s National Economic and Technological Development Zones, enjoy exclusive promotion on various media platforms, and join a field survey. Furthermore, finalists can join a green innovation park incubator to benefit from working spaces, professional training, and industrial resources. 



This competition will include the following five sectors:

  • New energy - Including new energy technologies and equipment, in areas such as hydrogen, solar, wind, and biomass energy.
  • Energy efficiency - Including new energy storage technology, waste heat and pressure recovery technology, and high-efficiency energy-saving motors.
  • Energy-saving buildings - Including prefabricated buildings, sustainable building materials, and passive house technology.
  • Energy control - Including intelligent energy management platforms, energy consumption data centres, and energy transaction.
  • Decarbonization technologies - Including carbon capture, utilisation, and storage technology, bioplastic, biochemical fibre, protein products and other new decarbonisation materials.

GPIP has the following criteria for international applicants:

  •  Applicants are expected to have independent projects with high growth potential.   
  •  Applicants should have established projects ready for commercialization.  
  •  Applicants should be the owner or authorized of all relevant intellectual property and be free of any IP dispute.
  •  Applicants must be the founder, core executive, or main sponsor of the project.  
  •  The applicant and project should not have any legal disputes. 

Applicants will be divided into two groups, one for start-ups and one for well-established enterprises. Competitors will be assessed based on 7 criteria, which are market prospects, competitive advantage, business model, core technology, core team, operation development, and financial plan. 


Competition schedule

Competition schedule

For further information and to apply, please contact before 22th October 2021.