With border closures still in place, international education providers are needing to rely more than ever on their digital campaigns to improve the quantity and quality of their Chinese international students’ intake. However, given the speed at which the Chinese digital ecosystem evolves, remaining relevant in such a competitive environment presents a significant challenge.


Desmond Kohn, BDM at Sinorbis will update you on the latest trends in China’s digital marketing landscape, from leveraging the right channels to aligning your messaging at different stages of the student decision making journey.


Key topics that will be covered include:

  • The latest Chinese digital channels education recruiters should leverage and why ads should be part of your touchpoint mix
  • Best practices to maximise prospect student conversion through optimisation of your key Chinese digital assets
  • Key metrics recruiters should care about when evaluating campaign performance in 2021
  • 2 examples of recent and successful campaigns
  • Different marketing messages your campaigns should convey to target Chinese students at each stage of their decision journey 


Speaker: Desmond Kohn – BDM at Sinorbis

As Business Development Manager at Sinorbis, Des works closely with clients and prospects to understand the strategic role China plays in their business and define a digital marketing approach to meet their goals.

Des is passionate about helping businesses and universities to create a digital marketing presence in China that is built on solid foundations, so they can reach their full growth potential in this difficult market. Since joining Sinorbis he has worked with universities across APAC, EMEA, and North America.


With a background in programmatic and digital advertising, Des has a deep knowledge of digital marketing in both the western and Chinese digital ecosystem.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Bachelor of Arts (Advanced Chinese Studies) from UNSW.