One month until Chinese New Year 2021 – the countdown is on!


Relax, we get it, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and Covid-19 has added an additional level of stress, so you might not have had time to think about Chinese New Year.


Now, instead of doing something last minute that might not have much of an effect, let’s chat about quick and easy campaigns you can put together to leave a lasting (positive) impression on your Chinese audiences.


In this 3-part interactive live stream, we’ll give you some insider information to inspire your ideas.


Arnold Ma, Founder, Qumin

Arnold Ma is a speaker, a writer, a podcast host, and the founder of Qumin, Europe's first Chinese digital creative agency. The official line is that ‘Qumin delivers creative marketing campaigns based on Chinese audience behaviours’. ​But over a steamed bun in Camden, he’ll tell you that his bigger purpose in life is to ‘Open The World To China’. You’ll find him on LinkedIn, WeChat, Instagram, Dao Insights, and 9gag. He still wears flip-flops to work.


Pearl Zhu, China Business Advisor, Retail & Ecommerce

Working in fashion, media and e-commerce over the past 8 years, Pearl has delivered strategic partnerships and global campaigns for brands like Harrods, Aspinal of London, Bourjois, SuperNanny and Shanghai Fashion Week across China and the UK. She is experienced in helping brands with their marketing and branding strategy with the aim of generating significant revenues and awareness in the China market.