Soon to be the world’s biggest economy, China cannot be ignored.  In particular, the Yangtse River Delta, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing, is China’s most technologically advanced region, representing a quarter of China’s GDP, with a highly integrated cross-border innovation ecosystem. Across virtually all major hi-tech markets, from digital to healthcare to cleantech, this region is becoming both a huge technology consumer and innovator. However, along with immense opportunity, China also presents many unique challenges that need understanding and guidance.  Proper research, planning, partnering, and patience are the keys to success.

Relevant Industries: High-Tech companies in software, healthcare, cleantech, etc.
Session dates:
Every Thursday noon –1PM (UK Time), Feb 3 – Mar 10
•    Orientation & Introductions - Feb 3rd 
•    Module 1 – Business & Innovation Ecosystem – Feb 10th 
•    Module 2 – Developing the Market – Feb 17th
•    Module 3 – China Business Readiness – Feb 24th
•    Module 4 – Setting up a China Business – Mar 3rd 
•    Module 5 – Tax, HR & Legal Considerations – Mar 10th

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