China ranks the second on the list of global publishing markets, and publishers in China are eager to continue their growth via forming strong international working partnerships.

Last year, due to COVID-19, the market size of China's publishing industry decreased to RMB 97.1 billion, reduced by 5.1% compared to the market size in 2019. However, China's publishing industry is bouncing back. Furthermore, the whole publishing industry is undergoing industrial upgrading. 

Key trends in China's publishing market include:

  • Generation Z is becoming the emerging power of consumption.
  • Markets in lower-tier cities are booming.
  • Livestreaming and short video platforms are becoming popular mediums in the publishing industry.
  • Smart supply chain is accelerating the development of China's publishing industry.

During the webinar, the trends mentioned above will be discussed by our panellists, and companies from both China and Europe will be invited to discuss opportunities for potential collaboration, as well as showcase examples of success in-market.





Why participate?

  • Gain updates on the China market – The speakers will share updates on the China market and information on the changes and current Chinese publishing market after the pandemic with audiences.
  • Identify target audiences – The speakers will help attendees to understand Chinese readers’ habits and appetites in order to help European publishers better adapt into the China market.
  • Recognise suitable business partners – The webinar is free of charge and open to all relevant practitioners from both Europe and China. This is an unmissable opportunity for you to enhance your brand, build B2B partnerships, and drive marketing initiatives within the China market.


Target Audience:

  • European/British publishing companies, focusing on Children's publishing in particular
  • Independent European/British authors who are interested in the China market