2021 Online Meeting - Information Technology & Service Outsourcing UK Special Session is sponsored  by the  Department of Commerce of Jiangsu  Province and co-sponsored by CBBC and China Jiangsu  Provincial  Economic  and Trade Office in the UK and partners in the UK and other European countries. 

This UK Special Session will create online platform and cloud matchmaking meeting for representatives and consultants professionals from service outsourcing and ICT, AI, Data related industries between  Jiangsu  China and UK, Ireland and  other  European  countries with  the purpose to bring win-win business in the fields of software, telecommunications,  cloud computing,  AI,  big data analysis,  internet of things and games etc. Please find out your potential partners from following companies profiles.


  • For Registration and Enquiry:

     Please reply to:  js_3nobel@yahoo.com and jessica.zhang@cbbc.org


  • Visit here for Profile of Some important Chinese Companies