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Arjun Koyappalli, Managing Director of Napiers the Herbalist

Arjun Koyappali is the Managing Director of Napiers the Herbalist. Based out of the original Napiers store that was established by Duncan Napier himself in 1860, Arjun leads the brands development online, offline and internationally. 


Joanna Zhou, China Commercial Manager, Holland & Barrett

Joanna Zhou has been responsible for the launch and operations of Holland & Barrett’s cross-border Ecommerce business in China since 2021. Her knowledge of China, expertise in digital marketing and understanding of Chinese consumers have steered the business to grow exponentially: delighting customers, exceeding the expectations of partners, and reaching substantial milestones.

Joanna is responsible for delivering Holland & Barrett’s trading strategy to thrive in the cross-border e-commerce environment, leveraging key e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, Kuaishou and Douyin. She has repositioned Holland & Barrett as a leading UK health and wellness consumer brand to provide a proposition perfect for China’s growing demographic of health-conscious young consumers.

Prior to Holland & Barrett, Joanna has worked in the scotch whisky, tourism and technology industries in the UK: helping British companies to expand in the China market. Originally from Shenyang, China, Joanna has lived and worked in Singapore for a decade before relocating to Scotland in 2016. She enjoys looking at business challenges from a socio-cultural perspective.


Sarah Armstrong, Founder and Creative Director of lifestyle brand, Pinyin Press

Originally from Scotland, Sarah graduated from Central Saint Martins, London and moved to Shanghai in 2009 to work as an accessories designer for an emerging Chinese brand. Sarah founded Pinyin Press with the aim of creating an affordably priced gifts brand with cross-cultural appeal.

About Pinyin Press

Pinyin Press is a design-led brand of home accessories, lifestyle products and gifts known for it’s illustrative print designs and patterns which tell a story of everyday life in China. The designs celebrate Asian culture through hand drawn illustrations and quality craftsmanship. Pinyin Press retails online and in select stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.


David Hampstead, CEO and Co-Founder of Samarkand Group plc

David is the CEO and Co-Founder of Samarkand Group plc. Established in 2017, the company works with UK brands, primarily in the health and beauty sector operating in the cross-border Chinese market. The Group also owns several UK brands including Napiers the Herbalist, established in Edinburgh in 1860.









William Dunne, Senior Business Development Manager, Poizon

Established in 2015 Poizon has grown from sneaker forum to the go-to Luxury marketplace for Gen-Z in China. After the success of our platform, we expanded our operations into new markets: The US, Europe and The United Kingdom with headquarters for Poizon Global located in Milan. Our offering has grown at the same pace, keeping up with demand from our 100 Million MAU with new verticals including, Homeware, Beauty and Accessories. As we expand we are looking for new partners to introduce to our Chinese Market.


Kristina Koehler-Coluccia, Head of Business Advisory, Woodburn Accountants & Advisors

Kristina is a Hong Kong-born European, with over 20 years’ experience in helping foreign investors enter the China and Hong Kong market. She has worked with over 750 international companies, from startups to publicly listed companies, across industries and sectors on their market strategy, implementation of business models, and helping them to focus on their growth in China and Hong Kong.  Her mission is to help foreign investors, leaders, entrepreneurs avoid the most common obstacles that they encounter along their China business journey for them to accelerate their profitability.   Kristina is Head of Business Advisory at Woodburn Accountants & Advisors; a company which focuses on eliminating the complexities of corporate services and compliance administration in China and Hong Kong.  


Dora Zhou, Managing Partner, BARK Media

BARK is a digital agency helping overseas brands reach the China market by means of video production, live streaming, content marketing and influencer campaigns. BARK has built a unique roster of overseas bilingual influencers to drive unique value for brands. 

As one of the founding members of BARK, Dora has worked in content and marketing in both China and the UK for more than a decade and has been based in London in the past 10 years. Through the years, Dora has worked with clients including the UK government, Vitabiotics, the Hut Group, P&G and various British universities. Prior to joining BARK, Dora gained an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from University College London.


Isabella Liu, International Brands Director, Matro Group

In 2015, Isabella joined the largest luxury corporate group in Suzhou, Matro Group, as international brands director, which has 30 years history operating luxury department store, 20+ years history of international brands distribution. Isabella is responsible for introducing, and bringing international brands to China. She especially bridging the dialogue of understanding Chinese market, Chinese consumption between China and Europe. It is an irreplaceable role who understand both China and Europe market as well as the industry. Her first important project with Matro was introducing and distributing over 30 international jewellery brands to Matro from Italy, Spain, France, UK, US, and so on. Now she is taking over the second influential project and responsible for the British and Irish brands crossing categories including fashion, food, healthcare, beauty, lifestyle. 

Isabella was honored as an Exceptional Talent in Arts and Design Sector by Arts Council England in 2015. She founded International Forum “East West Dialogue: One World One Dream” in the very special year of 2020. Herself is an international award-winning designer and key opinion leader on Chinese social media. She is passionate bridging creativity with commercial, bridging cultures together through collaborations. 


Antoaneta Becker, Director, Consumer Economy, China-Britain Business Council 

Antoaneta has lived and worked in China for more than 20 years. In her most recent role as a Director, Consumer Economy for the China Britain Business Council, she has supported numerous British consumer companies entering and expanding into the Chinese market.

Prior to joining CBBC, she worked as a Beijing-based reporter for several international media publications including the Economist Intelligence Unit and USA Today, covering China’s economic and social affairs. She has reported on some of the main trends and policies that have defined China’s economic trajectory over the years 2000-2010 including China’s stateowned enterprises reforms, the emergence of free trade zones, the rise of digital economy and the ascendence of the Chinese consumer.

Antoaneta is a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker. She holds a Bachelor’s in Chinese Language and Literature and a Master’s in Chinese Contemporary Literature & Film from Peking University. 


Claire Urry, Chief Commercial Officer, China-Britain Business Council

Claire leads on the commercial sales and delivery side of CBBC’s business. A Mandarin speaker, she graduated from Leeds University in 1991. She has been actively involved in doing business with China for over 25 years and while with CBBC has worked across a range of sectors including financial services, and food/drink sectors. She retains a close interest in the Agri-tech sector.

Participating Buyers:



Established in 2021 and based in Hong Kong, POIZON Europe's first step is to focus on regional businesses specializing in luxury goods in Europe. Poizon Europe is expanding to other categories, not only targeting apparel, shoes, and bags, but also cosmetics, watches, furniture, home decor, healthy products, and even food products. Starting from a partnership with a boutique in Italy, they continuously expand our business scope to other countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc.) and seek more business opportunities.​



Matro Group

Over 30 years history operating luxury department stores, 20+ years history of distributing International brands distribution, Matro group, owned by parent company Suzhou Function Group, one of the biggest private business group in the city of Suzhou, China. 

Like Selfridges, John Lewis in China, Matro plays a very influential role in Chinese retail rectors. We have 2 large classical high-end luxury stores in Suzhou. Our department stores have brought together international famous brands such as HERMES, LOUIS-VUITTON, GUCCI, CARTIER, BVLGARI, TIFFANY&CO., PRADA, CELINE, BURBERRY, FERRAGAMO, ROLEX, JAEGER-LECOULTRE and IWC, and world-famous prestige cosmetic brands such as CHANEL, DIOR, ESTEE-LAUDER, LANCOME, LA MER and LA PRAIRIE, as well as thousands of famous domestic and foreign fashionable brands for over thirty years. 

Matro’s grand project “Boundless Matro", is a cross boarder online and offline business flatform, introducing beautiful products and international brands from all over the world. We have a 38,000 Square meter large Cultural and Creative village, in Suzhou's prestigious city centre, which is next to world’s heritage ZhuoZheng Garden and Suzhou Museum. 

It’s a creative cultural hub introducing international life-style from multi-countries’ pavilions, including Japan, Australia, North America, France, Italy, British and Ireland Island Pavilions, ect. Surrounded by our restaurants, hotels, and all sorts of cultural activities and entertainment in the village, customers experience authentic international culture and lifestyle in the centre hub of Suzhou. British brands will be presented and sold through British Islands and Irish Pavilions. At the same time, customers will also be able to experience all those online, with our e-commerce VR flatform. More interestingly, all the oversea international brands’ showcases and retail stores will be able to presented online through Matro’s VR system. Matro not only push sells online and offline, but also help brands to develop their marketing and brand awareness through our online and offline flatforms. 

We are looking forward to developing close partnership relationship with British and Irish Brands. You will find it’s a fruitful journey alone the way. 



Asia World Consultancy Ltd

Asia World Consultancy Ltd is a company based in London UK,we Introduce UK brands product to the China and Asia markets, including: 

  • Scotch Whisky
  • Skin care
  • food and drinks



Commercial Cross

Commercial Cross Limited, headquartered in Scotland, is an experienced China solution provider in e-commerce, marketing, logistics, and supply chain services. Through close collaboration with an operational team in China, they offer a diverse range of flexible services to cater to the unique needs of clients, whether they are small, medium, or large companies, regardless of their level of experience in the Chinese market. With a presence in both Scotland and China, the company possesses an in-depth understanding of clients' requirements and operates as a trusted and strategic partner.



Samarkand Global

Founded in 2016 in London, Samarkand is a cross-border eCommerce company focused on connecting international brands with China, the world’s largest eCommerce market.

In the last 5 years, the Chinese eCommerce market has evolved at breakneck speed, yet our mission remains as relevant as ever – to make Chinese eCommerce simple, accessible, and profitable for brands and retailers of all sizes.

Our proprietary software platform, Nomad, is at the core of delivering growth for our own brands and customers alike, covering commerce, distribution, logistics, payments, and analytics.