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We are delighted to be joined by eight leading Chinese Influencers on Day 2 of China Consumer 2023's Chinese Influencers Programme.



Leading UK-Chinese influencer covering lifestyle, culture and news.

Total followers (Little Red Book & Weibo): 610,000



tomMs Xiaoji in London

UK news/lifestyle blogger with a significant UK-based Chinese international student audience.

Total followers (Little Red Book, Douyin, Bilibili & WeChat): 400,000





Multi-industry female entrepreneur, leading lifestyle influencer and high-end lifestyle expert. She is also a pet lover.

Total followers (Little Red Book & Weibo): 74,000





Fashion and cultural influencer with a focus on street interviews.

Total followers (Little Red Book): 15,000




Kayla | 29士多店(每日必更!

Shares insights on her lifestyle in the UK & China, as well as tips and information on food and beauty. 

Total followers (Little Red Book): 5,700





High-end lifestyle influencer in the UK, shares work experience insights in the UK. Her followers are mostly interested in UK culture.

Total followers (Little Red Book): 5,600




Shares experience of her lifestyle in the UK & China, as well as family and home renovation insights. 

Total followers (Little Red Book): 3,300

Who are KOCs?

They usually have a few hundred to a few thousand followers and focus on independent products or hospitality experiences reviews in their posts. They are everyday consumers like their followers and are valued because of their organic and trustworthy opinions.

How do KOCs create value?

Trust in KOCs is generated through their personable and friend-like appeal, the fact that their content is unlikely to have been paid for, and their online traffic statistics being more likely to be genuine.

KOCs are cheaper than Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). With a smaller scale of followers, KOCs do not usually have supporting teams like KOLs and thus work with brands and communicate with followers themselves. KOCs have the first-hand market feedbacks to share and can assist UK brands to spot blue-sea sales channels and brand seeding models. 

Why should brands join CBBC’s Influencer Focus Group 2.0?

As part of Day 2 of our China Consumer’23 event CBBC Chinese Influencers programme will bring together 6 dynamic London-based Chinese influencers to participate in targeted focus groups discussing any questions a UK brand or hospitality business has in relation to consumer perceptions, new product or experience launches, packaging, trends, shopping behaviour and more. 

Please note that KOCs will be matched to attendees on a bespoke basis so as to best meet the needs and requirements of different participating brands or hospitality businesses.

The Focus group session will be supported by CBBC member, Influencer Hub International.



UK brands will have the opportunity to choose between a CBBC-hosted focus group with KOCs in our London office or can host a visit by selected Chinese influencers to their brand store or hospitality venue.

At the end of Day 2, participating UK brands are also invited to a private view of Argentum Apothecary new London boutique store for some more networking and celebratory drinks. 

Programme Schedule
Chinese Influencers Focus Group: Wednesday 5th July, 2023

  • 12:30 – 13:00 Arrive at CBBC’s Office
  • 13:00 – 14:00 Focus Group Round One
  • 14:30 – 14:45 Break
  • 14:45 – 16:15 Focus Group Round Two
  • 16:15 – 17:00  Transfer to ARgENTUM Apothecary Boutique close to Holland Park
  • 17:00 – 19:00  Private View of ARgENTUM Apothecary, networking and drink reception

Chinese Influencers Store Visit: Thursday 6th July, 2023

Time and location confirmed between CBBC and the UK brand hosting the visit. The private view and reception at Argentina is by invitation only. 

What questions brands can expect to discuss:

  • Product perceptions
  • Product usability 
  • Venue experience (for hospitality businesses)
  • Consumer behaviour 
  • Marketing campaign ideas 
  • Key considerations for making purchase decision/selecting a brand destination 

How to attend this event:

  • Complete the online registration form by 10th June
  • CBBC evaluation
  • Invoice and payment
  • CBBC and UK brands to develop focus group questionnaire list and make sample arrangements (if applicable)
  • CBBC to send Chinese influencers profiles to participating brands at least five days in advance
  • CBBC to distribute collateral and samples to participants 
  • Brands attend the Focus Group sessions/ host store visits 

Participating Costs: 

(All participants in the Chinese Influencers Programme get complimentary access to Day 1 China Consumer conference on 4th July)

  • Exclusive Focus Group with 6 KOCs for 90 mins: £880 plus VAT  
  • Exclusive Focus Group + Brand Seeding though 6 social media posts of non-exclusive brand exposure: £1,500 plus VAT
  • Brand Store Visit by 4 KOCs and 4 brand seeding posts on Chinese social media: £1,000 plus VAT 
  • Silver Package: Focus Group + Store Visit (4 brand seeding posts) - £1,700 plus VAT
  • Golden Package: Focus Group + 6 Brand Seeding Posts + Store Visit and 4 additional Social Media Posts - £2,250 plus VAT  

CBBC member companies receive 15 percent discount on all packages.

Please note that registrations for China Consumer 2023 are now closed.