The specific exhibition arrangements are as follows:

Phase 1 From April 15th - 19th

  • The following items will be on display: Electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, energy.

Phase 2 From April 23rd - 27th

  • It will feature exhibits of daily consumer goods, gifts, and home decoration. 

Phase 3 From May 1st - 5th

  • On display will be textile and clothing, footwear, office, luggage and leisure products, medicine and health care, food.

Why should you join the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event. Its long history, scale, variety, attendance record, diversity of buyers, makes the fair one the most popular in China. The fair is considered a barometer for China's foreign trade. Every year the fair generates a huge amount of turnover and it has one of the best reputations in China. UK businesses can join Canton Fair as exhibitor and/or buyers and benefit from the fair's large scale and product categories. 

The Fair is particularly relevant to:

  • Businesses looking to explore the China market and seek import partners, buyers or distributors in China; and
  • Businesses wishing to find manufacturers, suppliers and partners to supply to the UK market.

CBBC Canton Fair Webinar

To provide UK brands with a close look at the 133rd Canton Fair, CBBC is hosting a webinar on 12th April 2023 with Canton Fair to introduce the exhibition, and to answer questions from UK businesses who are interested in attending.


  • Opening remarks by CBBC 
  • A macro view of the Great Bay Area opportunities by CBBC South China 
  • Introduction of 133rd Canton Fair by a representative from the Canton Fair (in English) 
  • Case Study: stories of successful engagement by a UK company  
  •  Q&A 

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