Meet Aiken Digital


Aiken Digital is a network of 6 companies that help build bridges between brands and their next generation of customers through technology. Over the last 10 years Aiken Digital has helped its clients enter the Chinese market by embracing its unique digital landscape and adapting their brand strategy to match the world’s most dynamic set of customers. 

Aiken Digital is the regional digital partner for global brands including Mastercard and L’Oreal, working on a range of projects from Ai marketing automation to live selling production. In the past 12 months, Aiken Digital’s creative arm W.Ai has won the most effective eCommerce campaign at both the Drum and Marketing Interactive awards by helping to sell $11.4m worth of white goods in 2 hours for their client Leader. 

Aiken Digital’s eCommerce capabilities stretch from brand and promotional strategy, to merchandising and analytics, to last mile delivery. Aiken Digital’s proprietary technology Kaibo provides real time insights for brands building their capabilities in Live Streaming which empowers global clients to test the market through one off drops or drive market share on single’s day campaigns. 

Aiken Digital has offices in London, Dubai and New York. 

Meet Mark Bellamy - Partner EMEA, Aiken Digital 


Mark Bellamy

Mark has spent a decade working in advertising, eCommerce and digital consulting between both Europe and APAC, spending the last 2 years working with brands in search of growth to harness the best of what China has to offer. Europe has gone from being China-curious to China-influenced in the way we build brands online, with the help of our global strategy team, Mark directs brands to the right models for implementing sustainable growth in the market.

Continuing travel restrictions make the fast-evolving Chinese consumer market ever more difficult to keep track of, but the commercial opportunity remains real and growing. Our new China Consumer Masterclass series aims to bridge the gap – you will hear from our sector and e-commerce specialists on how the market is evolving and where the purchasing priorities are, as well as benefit from a review of up-and-coming niche opportunities. 

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Event Agenda:

Morning session 10am – 12pm

Next level ecommerce: the 2022 checklist for UK retail brands.

This session helps you to decode the latest best practice for retail brand in China’s ever evolving ecommerce landscape. Audiences can gain pointers, including:

  • The changing retail environment and key Marco trends in China’s e-commerce ecosystem.
  • The market entry strategy and common difficulties.
  • How brands engage and manage potential Chinese partners.
  • The common marketing practices in 2022 (prelude for the afternoon session)

Afternoon session 1pm - 3pm

Next level connection: the 2022 digital marketing trends tracker and decoding the Chinese consumer.

This session delves into the marketing perspectives that a brand requires when working with the Chinese market and its consumers. It helps audiences to better navigate the latest trends from blended content marketing to the crackdown of the fan economy. Topics explored will include:

  • The Chinese consumer redefined.
  • How brands can leverage China’s creative force.
  • Why China loves brand collaboration.
  • Livestreaming dilemmas.


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