China is one of the most dynamic markets for the gaming industry and the Chinese gaming market is expected to register at 14% CAGR during the forecast period 2021-2026.

Chinese Gaming is defined as playing electronic games conducted through multiple means such as computers, mobile phones, consoles, or another medium altogether. Mobile games occupy the largest market share. According to the Game Committee of the Publishers Association of China, the share of sales revenue of the mobile games in the gaming industry in China reached 68.5% in FY2019, from 62.5% in FY2018. According to SensorTower listing, the top 30 Chinese game publishers accounted for 26 percent of the global mobile gaming revenue for June 2020.

Several international companies are entering the market, either by acquiring shares in Chinese gaming vendors or by sponsoring professional players' teams. With the Chinese enterprises ready to embrace the business opportunities brought by global digitalization, companies across the region are leveraging digital transformation throughout the product cycle, especially to enhance their production efficiency.

During the seminar, we will invite companies from both China and Europe to discuss potential collaboration, as well as showcase their successes in-market.


Why participate?

  • Gain knowledge of China market – You will gain an up-to-date market overview of China's gaming industry. And Chinese companies’ international cooperation interests.
  • Marketing and branding opportunities – The event is free of charge and open to all qualifying gaming companies from the EU. This is an unmissable opportunity for you to enhance your brand, build B2B partnerships, and drive marketing initiatives within the China market.
  • Connect with key Chinese market players – Top Chinese Gaming industry players will be invited to attend the event to share their needs, strength and understand EU companies’ offers. This event would be an ideal platform to connect China and EU industry players to enhance business collaboration. 





















Target Audience:

  • (Chinese Companies): NetEase, IGG, ByteDance, Bilibili, Huawei Cloud, GamePlus, Perfect World, ADFLY, Uniu Game, Yugong Group, Dan Game, Heitao Interactive, 9You, StarO, KingNet, GG Games, Transsion, 76Game, Zhaohe Network, CEC, Xipu Game, XFUN Games, Fangqu Network, Youya, Yunchan, Shengqu Games, Arden Game, Bajin Technology.
  • (European/UK Companies): European/British Gaming companies, indie studios who want to get into China market, European/British E-Sports Companies, European/British E-Sports Clubs who want to explore China market. Meanwhile, we are recruiting European/British gaming companies who have successful cases in China to share with the audiences.


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