Inward Investment Opportunities from China – Life Sciences Sector




China’s overseas foreign direct investment reached US$116 billion in 2014 - an increase of 15.5% over the previous year and the UK continues to be Europe’s most attractive destination for Chinese investment. In 2014, the UK benefited from US$5.1 billion of investment from China - nearly 30% of the Europe’s total.


In relation to this, the China-Britain Business Council is currently engaged in a project to help boost inward investment to the UK from China in the life sciences sector.


The CBBC team in China have begun the process of identifying organisations which would like to know more about the potential opportunities to invest in counterparts in the UK, and logging their main areas of interest. At the same time, work has started on engaging with life sciences organisations and companies in the UK which might be interested to start a dialogue with the contacts identified in China and to explore the options for an investment.


If you are interested in the potential for an investment in your company from the Chinese organisations identified as part of this project, please complete this form and return to



To learn more about the Chinese organisations actively seeking to invest in and/or partner with UK companies, please click here.