The Great British Brands Festival 2016


CBBC's unique Great British Brands Festival series focuses on selling UK products directly to Chinese shoppers and helping British retailers to establish a strong base in fast-emerging Chinese consumer markets. We organise high-profile UK-themed sales exhibitions and partnerships with UK Trade & Investment, Chinese government bodies and trusted business partners in eight cities in north, south, east and west China (see below).




Now in its fourth year, The Great British Brands Festival is building a practical way for British retailers to do this. New destinations in 2016 include Nanjing, Taiyuan and Xiamen, and this unique series of 10-day sales showcases will take your brand to the key markets of south, east and west China with support from our local business advisors and key Chinese partners.

Any company selling British consumer products is eligible to participate, with priority given to members of CBBC and the British Chamber. Our exhibits range from homeware and household accessories to menswear, fashion and jewellery, food and drink, children's products, home electronics and even cars.



UK retailers need to start looking hard at China's under-explored markets and the Great British Brands Festival is proving to be a really effective springboard for British companies taking their first steps or breaking new markets here.
Stephen Phillips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council

"The Great British Brands Festival has really helped us to promote UK brands and boost their sales. It contributed 5% of our direct sales and 15-20% of sales from associated revenue."
Kevin Zhao, Managing Director, Ever Thames (Chinese distributor of eight UK brands)


View the latest programme for the year in PDF here






Sponsorship Opportunities

Naming partners: Both UK and Chinese companies welcome.

Lifestyle partners: At UK-themed forums and events. Ideal for finance, real estate, education, tourism or service companies but we also welcome applications from companies in other fields.

British showcase partner: A British showcase/roadshow will be arranged in some cities. Especially suitable for PR/marketing agents, professional service providers, banks, wealth management firms and luxury brands but all applications are welcome.

Please contact us at the address above to discuss your options.


The 2016 Programme

NOTE: Cities and times are subject to change. Any changes in schedule will be updated immediately once confirmed.


Quanzhou (18 April - 3 May)
The first leg of 2016 ran in two stages, from 18-20 April during the Maritime Silk Road International Brand Fair in Quanzhou Shishi International Textile City, and from 22 April to 3 May in Quanzhou World City. The event was well supported by the local government and media; CBBC also opened a UK Brands Exhibition Centre in neighbouring Fuzhou in May. 
Nanjing (1 May – 15 May)


The Nanjing festival marks our debut in east China. Nanjing is home to global retail giants Suning, Deji Group, Golden Eagle and Sanpower (who acquired House of Fraser and Hamleys). CBBC is partnering with Golden Eagle to hold the festival at its widely known Xinjiekou store in central Nanjing. A retail forum is being planned alongside the festival.

Watch Nanjing TV's onsite report here (1 min, Chinese)

GBBF Online (11-30 June) -


With the online debut of the Great British Brands Festival, British retail made an exciting breakthrough in China as nearly 30 British brands took part in an exclusive UK-only promotion on the leading Chinese e-commerce site, thanks to a partnership between and CBBC. For a full week from 11 to 20 June, UK brands enjoyed top billing on the screens of’s 170 million registered users ahead of the site’s wider International Brands Festival, which ran after the UK promotion until 30 June. 



Changsha (22-31 July)
The 2015 festival in Changsha was a big success, including cooperation with the local Hunan TV station, which filmed UK retailers at the festival and featured them on one of its biggest Friday-night programmes. This year we are in I CITY in the centre of Changsha, where we have worked to attract more local retailers, distributors and importers to get to know the British brands.
Guangzhou (9-18 September)
Guangzhou, the hub of high-spending south China, was among the top cities for sales in the 2015 festival series. In 2016, we aim to introduce more UK brands to this key market, which can serve as a springboard to the wider south China region. We will once again be hosting the festival in the part-British-owned Happy Valley shopping centre in Zhujiang New Town, with exhibition areas spanning the first and fourth floors.
Shenzhen (26 October - 20 November)    


Sales at the Shenzhen festival were among the highest of eight cities nationwide in 2015 and this affluent area of southern China boasts huge spending power. In 2016, we aim to bring more UK brands (both new to market and already in-market) to this strong market, making the region one of the preferred choices for UK brands entering the Chinese market. This extra-long festival will be held in Wongtee Plaza, Futian District.


Xiamen, Fuzhou (TBC)


Our newly launched Xiamen festival will run alongside the huge China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), run by the Ministry of Commerce. We have been invited by the Xiamen government to promote UK retailers and brands. Xiamen, a popular destination on the wealthy east coast, attracted more than 60 million tourists in 2015. UK companies will be able to explore B2B and B2C opportunities here.

Fuzhou, in Fujian Province at the head of the new Maritime Silk Road, plays important roles as a key city in this initiative. CBBC signed an MoU with the Fujian government in Nov 2015, which has strengthened the commercial relationship and created a strong base for UK retailers looking at China’s affluent south-east coastal region.



Taiyuan (October)


Shanxi’s 8.9% GDP growth in 2015 was well above than the national average. Though the capital Taiyuan is little-known to most Westerners, this province, the centre of China’s coal industry, has a lot of hidden wealth. CBBC will take UK retailers and brands to unlock the market and explore the opportunities at low cost.


GBBF Online (November)


Another joint initiative (see above, June) with one of CBBC’s partners, a leading Chinese e-commerce platform. We will seek exclusive privileges for British brands.


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