CBBC Liveable Cities Programme 2014
Connecting UK Expertise to China’s Urban Development Opportunities

The scale of China’s urbanisation has no precedent in human history. Around 300 million people – roughly the population of the United States – have moved into cities over the past twenty years; and a further 300 million people are expected to do the same within the next thirty. More than one billion people will live in Chinese cities by 2030. 

Although urbanisation continues to be a major driver of economic growth, it also creates complex economic, social and environmental challenges. Building and sustaining liveable cities for current and future generations is critical for China’s future and is at the top of the policy agenda for Chinese government at all levels. 

As one of the most urbanised societies in the world, the UK has a vast range of experience and expertise that it can share. The 2014 Liveable Cities Programme will focus on eco-city development, urbanisation and sustainable planning, senior care and assisted living themes. Hosted in cooperation with UK Trade & Investment, the CBBC Liveable Cities Programme will consist of outward and inward missions, informative webinars and large scale conferences. 

If your products or services cater for any of these sub-sectors then the Liveable Cities Programme will help you better understand and connect with commercial opportunities across China. 

Through a series of activities and events in 2014 the Programme will help participants:

Understand the Opportunity

The wide range of activities in the programme will help you understand the needs, trends, incentives and specific opportunities relevant to your company.

Promote your Expertise

Take advantage of CBBC’s unique network and connections to get in front of leading Chinese businesses, government officials and project owners. Through a wide variety of participation opportunities, you can showcase your outstanding products and services.

Build Relationships & Generate New Business Leads

Make the most of business and networking opportunities in a wide range of Chinese cities. We can also help set up one-to-one meetings with potential new business targets or commission bespoke research to cater to your business needs. 

To find out how to get involved or to register your interest for the Programme, contact cherry.he@cbbc.org.cn in China or lise.bertelsen@cbbc.org in the UK.