Employment Advisory Service



In recent years, PRC employment legislation has become extremely complicated and now presents enormous challenges to employers. The PRC Labour Contract Law, introduced on 1 January 2008, for example, imposes onerous new requirements on employers – including the use of ‘staff handbooks’ and various kinds of documentation and procedures, which if not adhered to, can lead to very serious repercussions for the employer.


What is CBBC’s China Employment Advisory Service?

It is vital, therefore, that newcomers to the Chinese market put in place the right arrangements for employing both local and expatriate staff. Moreover, since employment legislation can vary significantly across the PRC from one city to the next, local legislative requirements also need to be understood. Appropriately drafted and legally-compliant documentation can help new businesses start on the right track and help employers prevail should labour disputes arise.

In co-operation with legal firm JSA, CBBC has devised a number of services which can help companies adopt the correct practices for initial and future employees. These services provide logical next-step solutions to CBBC’s existing Rep Office, Launchpad and Employee Selection offerings.


What can CBBC’s China Employment Advisory Service include?

  • Specimen service agreement (bi-lingual) between a Rep Office and the local FESCO government HR agency (a mandatory requirement for Rep Offices)
  • A supplementary specimen agreement (bi-lingual) between the staff member and the Rep Office
  • Staff Handbook or Code of Conduct (bi-lingual) and other similar documents for Rep Office
  • Review of Rep Office employment contract between employee and FESCO
  • Specimen employment contract (bi-lingual) for WFOE or FICE
  • Staff Handbook (bi-lingual) for WFOE of FICE


How much does it cost?

All CBBC members are eligible for a 1 hour’s free  initial consultancy on next stage employment options from JSA, provided through a joint conference call or meeting along with CBBC.  A quotation will then be provided according to specific requirements.

Outside the above joint service, JSA can also provide quotations according to requirements, on drafting a range of employment-related documentation including non-compete undertakings, confidentiality undertakings, training agreements, HR procedures, termination notices, warning letters.


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