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China has become one of the world’s most important retail markets, and there are many opportunities for UK companies to take advantage of the ever-increasing buying power of China’s middle class, including BritCham and CBBC's very own Great British Brands Festival. Currently there is especially high demand for quality premium brands from high street to heritage, and for made-in-Britain craftsmanship across food, fashion and entertainment.

The food industry has grown dramatically in the last few decades with an increasing number of chemicals, veterinary drugs, feed and food additives being used in farming and food production. The Chinese Food Safety Law calls for the integration of existing mandatory standards for agricultural product quality and safety, food hygiene and food quality into uniform national food safety standards. This calls for greater supply chain integration and collaboration to deliver effective traceability.

The UK has a wealth of experience in food-related standards, training, risk assessment, research and assurance systems, driven by consumer demand over many years, and this forum serves to help members use this expertise to develop business links in China.

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Forum Chairs 

Edu-2.jpgPeter Bloxham

After graduating in Civil Engineering, Peter worked in the water supply industry for several years, before returning to academia where he taught, carried our research and consultancy for over 30 years in universities in the UK and China.


Roger Martini-Facio

Roger Martini-Facio is the General Manager of IDEA Coffee China, an import and trading company based in Beijing.  Earlier in his career, Roger worked in a number of IT organisations. He then moved into the financial environment and worked in one of the big 4 consulting companies and in two major international UK banks. In 2013 Roger decided to change his career and start a company in China to allow him to follow his passion of coffee, tea and wine!


Hayley Thomas

Hayley Thomas has a background in international business and over eight years China experience. In her role as Director of Sales at The British House, she is responsible for supporting British retail and culture brands in their market entry to China. Hayley previously worked at the British Chamber where she was responsible for launching the Great British Brands Festivals in 2013.