Joint Publication of CBBC & CAITEC Reports for BRI Forum, May 2017

The BRI vision is becoming a reality, and the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing this May demonstrates China’s ambition for BRI, with world leaders, finance and trade ministers, and major multinational businesses, including a UK delegation, in Beijing to discuss BRI development and co-operation.

These  reports are part of CBBC’s ongoing partnership with CAITEC (Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation), under a recently signed MoU, which includes a number of areas of collaboration and co-operation including regular information exchange, joint research and joint events in the UK and China.

CBBC’s report focuses on the BRI’s three southern economic corridors and the maritime routes and looks in detail at China’s southern provinces, to outline business opportunities for UK business.  It details many sectors (e.g. banking & financial services, legal & professional services, maritime, infrastructure and energy) where UK companies and can be more actively involved in BRI and partnering with Chinese businesses, both in China and in third countries.

CAITEC’s report helps UK businesses better understand China’s BRI aims, objectives and ambitions, and the approach to developing connectivity and participation from all countries along the Belt and Road, and it highlights where they see areas for increased cooperation between China and the UK. It sees the China-UK partnership enjoying a solid platform for further BRI co-operation, due to Government-to-Government ties and increased coordination in areas such as the Infrastructure Alliance. It also emphasises the growing depth and breadth of the trade and investment relationship, shared/mutually compatible ambitions, and synergies in China’s needs and UK strengths.

In the coming months, CBBC and CAITEC will work on follow-up BRI related activities (events, seminars, B2B roundtables and closed-door stakeholder discussions) in China and with UK and Chinese stakeholders and partners. These events are being planned to take place in China, the UK and also in some of the third countries to help facilitate further co-operation between the UK, China and other BRI countries.

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To read CBBC's report, Belt and Road Initiative - Southern Routes

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Previous BRI Reports

This is the 3rd comprehensive report that CBBC has produced on the topic. See previous reports below (click the image).


1Capture.JPGIn September 2015, the China-Britain Business Council released an introdcutory report to BRI as a practical guide to where the opportunities were for UK companies, the report contains succinct chapters on the seven key sectors and 13 major regions.


Case-Studies-Report-(1).pngIn 2016 and in collaboration with Tsinghua University, CBBC presented a second report, the China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report 2016, which uses real examples of China-UK cooperation in order to bring to life the true potential of BRI.


Lord Sassoon, CBBC Chairman said, ‘We are delighted that, as part of CBBC’s ongoing partnership with the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC), we are jointly publishing reports on BRI to coincide with the Forum. CAITEC’s report helps UK businesses understand China’s BRI aims, objectives and ambitions, and it highlights where they see areas for increased co-operation between China and the UK.’

Nancy  Xu, CEO of ABP London said, ‘The 21st century silk road from China actually leads straight to ABP Royal Albert Dock London -  the new business district created especially to bring together enterprises from east and west. We are delighted to support China’s Belt and Road initiative and we look forward to helping businesses from Asia to reach new markets in the UK and Europe and to helping UK businesses link to Asia’

Yuan Yafei, Chairman of Sanpower Group said, ‘The Belt and Road Initiative provides momentum for relevant countries in upgrading their consumption sectors. Sanpower Group will not only bring overseas retailing and health-care projects into China, but also plans to introduce them to the Belt and Road countries in order to benefit more local economies and communities.’

Gu Xueming, President, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, MOFCOM said, ‘The United Kingdom was the first developed country to support the Belt and Road Initiative and the first to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member. China and the UK have been continuously elevating the level of bilateral relations by taking the Belt and Road as an opportunity.’


Chris Birdsong, Atkins’ CEO for Asia Pacific said ‘One Belt One Road (OBOR) has the potential to be one of the world’s largest initiatives for regional socio-economic development. The infrastructure projects will stimulate economic growth and nation building for countries along the way. At Atkins, we are proud to work with our clients and partners on the OBOR initiatives, using our comprehensive end-to-end expertise along the value chain, to provide the clarity for considerations that make projects viable. Promoting the involvement from the public and private sectors is crucial for the success of OBOR and realising the full potential of the ambitious programmes.’