Marketing for EU SMEs in China



SMEs need to consider their China marketing strategies; understanding their Chinese customers will be a start, but this will have to be followed by product adaption, overcoming language barriers, and accustomisation to local promotion channels.

With this in mind, the China-Britain Business Council and EU SME Centre have written this report to prepare SMEs from the EU for the marketing challenges that they will face, allowing them to prepare stronger marketing strategies for the growing opportunities ahead.

This report looks at the following aspects of marketing in China:
 - The characteristics of the Chinese market and its key change drivers
 - The Chinese consumers and their characteristics, needs and perceptions.
 - The key marketing challenges faced by EU SMEs in terms of product, place, price and promotion
 - Marketing characteristics by sector – retail, food and beverages (F&B), health and green tech
 - Practical tips for developing your Chinese marketing strategy.

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