E-Commerce in China - a guide by CBBC

E-Commerce-Guide.JPGChina is one of the largest and fastest growing E-commerce markets in the world. The country now has 649 million internet users, over 300 million online shoppers, and increasing numbers of people accessing the internet from mobile devices. As the market continues to evolve, opportunities continue to emerge for UK brands and retailers to sell online to Chinese shoppers.

CBBC’s Guide to E-Commerce in China is aimed at UK companies looking to sell to Chinese consumers via online channels. It provides an overview of the E-Commerce market landscape, major Chinese E-Commerce platforms and cross-border options. It examines consumer preferences among different demographic groups, and provides specific advice on different potential business models for the Chinese market.

The guide also provides practical advice on

 - Setting-up an online store

 - Finding E-Commerce business partners

 - Logistics issues

 - Protecting intellectual property.

Referring to case studies from other British companies that have succeeded in the market, the guide also provides some insights on how companies can utilise digital marketing and Chinese social media to help drive their E-Commerce strategies in China.

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