CBBC Programmes 2014/15

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) has four new programmes that will form the cornerstone of CBBC events during 2014/15; Liveable Cities, Education, Chinese Consumer and China Outbound. Each programme relates to the key priorities in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan where there is potential for commercial cooperation between the UK and China.


China Outbound

China Outbound relates to UK companies helping Chinese companies in their internationalisation process. This goes beyond just foreign direct investment. It is also about helping Chinese companies on the M&A trail around the world, and looking for opportunities for British companies to collaborate with Chinese companies in any country, either in greenfield projects or in joint ventures.


Liveable Cities

Encompasses environmental technologies, energy reduction technologies and all of the issues that relate to the ongoing urbanisation process taking place in China. This will look at increasingly complex areas such as meeting the needs of an ageing population, a population with an growing middle class, and the related healthcare needs of that population over the coming years. Find out more about the Liveable Cities Programme.


China Consumer

There is much talk about growing domestic demand in China, but the ways in which British companies can reach the individual consumer are changing very rapidly. This stream will look at purchasing and demand patterns, both at the luxury end of the market as well as the mass market level, to encompass all consumer segments. Find out more about the China Consumer Programme.


Education is an area in which China and the UK both enjoy worldwide renown. Now, as China’s growth calls for ever-more sophisticated technical skills and research, British institutions are forging deeper ties with Chinese counterparts across this sector, from training programmes to university exchange partnerships and research collaboration.