CBBC’s sector heads use their industry specific expertise to provide insight into the different facets that define the Chinese economy. These pages look at their most important observations on the challenges faced by as well as the opportunities available to British companies that wish to do business with China. If you want to contact any of our heads for more information then follow the links below.



Creative-Cultural Industries & Sports

As the Chinese economy diversifies and becomes more complex the country's creative and cultural industries are becoming much more important. This expansion is concurrently leading to growth in demand for British exertise in these industries.

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China is one of the worlds most important retail markets, and has the largest consumption of luxury goods. The current trend is that consumption traditionally only seen in tier 1 cities is expanding to other parts of the country.

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Energy,  Environment & Infrastructure

Changing patterns of consumption, environmental awareness, and demand for a shift from coal to other forms of power generation among other factors are leading to dramatic change in the Chineseenergy, infrastructure and environment industries.

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Tech & Digital

China's tech & digital sector is well developed with more then 500 million web users across the country. This development along with government restrictions can present problems for British companies wishing to do business in this dynamic and fast-growing market.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

China faces many of the same crucial healthcare issues as the UK. However their healthcare system is lagging far behind the UK's in infrastructure and development. As such the sector is ripe with oppurtunities for British companies to work with Chinese partners.

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Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing & Transport

The aerospace, marine, and rail industries are the cornerstones of the Chinese manufacturing sector. All three are currently recieving great attention from the Chinese government as part of a push to improve the country's infrastructure.

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Financial & Professional Services

Traditionally financial and proffessional services in China have been dominated by state-owned enterprises and government backed groups. However, there are increasing oppurtunities for British firms to take advantage of this rapidly expanding sector.

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Agriculture, Food & Drink

The agriculture, food and drink sector in China is becoming increasingly complex as consumer tastes change, spending power grows and new product categories are developed. All of these factors have effects that extend down the entire food supply chain.

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Education & Training

The UK is seen as a world leader in the provision of education services in the country and as their labour market is become increasingly diverse and competitive many institutions are looking abroad to expand their credentials.

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