China Outbound Programme

CBBC’s China Outbound Programme offers a comprehensive platform for UK companies and organisations to identify and develop partnerships with potential Chinese investors interested in the UK, and to explore opportunities for UK firms to partner with Chinese counterparts on third country projects.

The CBBC China Outbound Programme focuses on a number of sectors and themes known to be attractive or highly relevant to the China Outbound agenda. There are currently six key streams which are reflected in the forward activity: Infrastructure, Energy, Property and Wealth Management, Advanced Engineering, Consumer Sectors (Brands, Retail, Media, Entertainment) and Innovation & Technology. These are also accompanied by four cross-cutting streams: Education and Training, Funding and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Third Country Cooperation.

These streams are reflected in a series of activities in China and the UK. Furthermore, CBBC membership benefits and practical services ensure that firms and organisations have the support they need to capitalise on the China Outbound trend.

CBBC’s China outbound work encompasses the following activities:

Promoting UK investment Opportunities
With a history of over 60 years, a network across the UK and China, we have accumulated an extensive network of companies, commercial government officials and multipliers. As such, we are uniquely positioned to promote UK’s investment opportunities to Chinese investors and assist with introductions between investors and project owners.

Investment Project Match-Making
CBBC is able to introduce projects to investors in the following ways:

UK investment projects will be regularly circulated to our investor database via a general mailing or a dedicated mailing for projects that require more prominent profiling. After investor feedback, we will facilitate introductions between interested investors and project owners.

Investor Search Service (for UK clients)
While CBBC is constantly building its investor database, bespoke research may be necessary to identify potential investors for niche projects. This more pro-active approach involves a combination of desk research, company calls and site visits in China. Working with our member companies in professional services, we can also help project owners to make their pitches more attractive to Chinese investors.

Investment Project Search Service (for Chinese clients)
We can assist Chinese investors to search for projects in the UK. Working with our member companies in professional services, we are also  able to help Chinese  investors convey clear and specific requirements and approach relevant companies that have an appropriate profile.

CBBC’s annual flagship China Outbound Conference

In 2017, CBBC’s 5th China Outbound Conference in Shenzhen attracted over 700 delegates and showcased more than 100 UK investment projects. CBBC’s 6th China Outbound conference will take place later in 2018.

Delegates at this year’s conference will enjoy updates on investment policies from senior members of the Chinese and UK governments, find out about new trends and opportunities in key sectors and learn from case studies of existing Chinese businesses investing in the UK and globally. There will also be ample opportunity for networking and to discuss the real investment projects featured in CBBC’s latest China Outbound Investment Project Catalogue.

CBBC China Outbound Regional Seminars & Roundtables
With the support of CBBC’s regional teams across 15 offices in China, who have regular contact with Chinese local governments, industry associations and enterprises, a series of ‘how to invest in the UK’ seminars and roundtables will engage directly with potential investors, to pitch projects and provide an overview of practical issues and sector developments. Opportunities for cooperation between UK and Chinese firms that arise  from China’s Belt and Road policy will also be highlighted in CBBC’s event programme.

Investor Visits to the UK
CBBC organises bespoke programmes to bring Chinese investors to the UK, taking delegations to visit various players in UK’s business ecosystem such as companies, regional cities, incubators, research institutions and government officials. This allows Chinese investors to see the latest development in technology and innovation in the UK, understand the opportunities and meet face-to-face with potential investment targets.

How to get involved
To register your interest in CBBC’s China Outbound Programme or to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities, please contact (UK) or (China)


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