CBBC China Business Guide 2021

China represents a vast and fast growing market opportunity for UK businesses operating across many sectors. China can, however, at times be a complex market to navigate, with a number of practical challenges facing first-time exporters. CBBC’s newly updated China Business Guide 2021 is an extensive collaboration with our members, providing an encyclopedic collection of information and advice intended to offer a comprehensive introduction to doing business in China.

The reader will find in-depth, practical advice on the most common issues that are faced by companies doing business in China. A wide range of topics are covered, from essential operational considerations, to legal matters, HR, due diligence, e-commerce, customs compliance and more. Companies already doing business in China should also find it a useful guide to complement their own experience.

The topics are broadly organised into four chapters, incorporating the following topics:
The China Business Environment:
  • A selection of Key Chinese Industries
  • Breaking Down the Opportunities by Region
  • China in 2020
  • China’s Major Policies
  • Improving the Business Environment
  • Your Support Network 
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Preparing for Trade with China:
  • Routes to Market / Finding and Managing Distributors:
  • E-Commerce
  • Cross-border Trade Transactions
  • Chinese Customs Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Sourcing from China and Quality Assurance
  • Trade Advice and Support for SMEs 
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Incorporation and Growing a Business in China:
  • Incorporation and Implications of the Main Business Models:
  • Recruitment and Labour Laws
  • Taxes and the Costs of Running Your Business
  • Getting Money Out of China
  • Unlocking China: Using Your .com Website to Access the China Market
  • Marketing Services in China 
  • Cloud Services in China
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Protecting Your Business Interests:
  • Common Business Risks in China 
  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Confidentiality Agreements, Commercial Contracts and Supplier Contracts
  • Registering Trade Marks and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement Channels
  • Online Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Business Dispute Resolution 
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